Update the game in the PS4 is like pulling teeth

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Little things can start to add up over time, and ultimately is part of your card, you just can’t help but get mad. This is what happened to me recently in want to play the game on PS4, all of which need to be updated. Update download speed is fast, but then I had to wait for the copy process. I’d rather have a root canal.

All I want to do is play some The Red Death online. So I start up the console and scroll through the Red Dead Redemption 2 Icon and hit X. Then I was hit with the latest notification. And update download speed is fast, thanks to my speedy Internet. But then the PS4 started to copy the update of the console, this process takes much, much more time than the download of the update.

This is a common problem, often complain about. Cross-version, Twitter, and other places where you can find a near infinite amount of posts about how terrible and long-term need to copy the update on PS4. Not so long ago, Screenrant ran an article on this topic.

What frustrating is that this is not always the case. As noted in the article, when the PS4 launched after a few years, you do not have to deal with this replication phase. But around 2017, Sony changed the PS4s download and install the update files of the game. The move, according to many, is to help avoid file corruption.

To do this, the PS4 and download the updated copy of all data and files the game, updating and adding new updates to the data, Now copy the data. This is not a problem, if your game is small,like some of the performances. But for a game like Red Dead Redemption II Now take up over 100GB on my PS4, this copy process may drag on for a long, long time.

You can technically accelerate this process by installing a solid state drive. But reducing the time is not very dramatic.

The game is great today. In moving forward with the PS5 way, I really hope you can improve or eliminate this replication process. The game is only going to get bigger and bigger during the next console generation. We may begin to see a 250GB or even 300GB game sooner than later. There is even a fancy solid-state drive, using the current replication system to copy all the data every time a game update will be frustrating.

Maybe the copy should be an optional way to install the update. The players choose to exit the copy to take the risk that their data be destroyed, by a more direct installation. I like living on the edge and take the risk anyway, if it help me save time, I’m down.

Spiro 8K support or a fancy camera, I want from the next console is faster game update and installation. Is that too much to ask?

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