Twitter response after the Card West said the former GOP Congressman will endorse Biden

Twitter has been buzzing with speculation was due to former Ohio Governor John Card West told CNN last week day, a”prominent”Republicans will announce their support for Joe Biden.

Card music prediction, unidentified GOP figure might make the announcement Monday.

John, The Card West said’conscience’forced him to say, in the DNC, the GOP is my vehicle, but never my master.’

“Whether it’s Hurd or Amash, I guess(both retired),”the Washington Post, David Weigel tweeted Sunday night, referring to the previous Republican and current Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash and maintenance Will Hurd, R-Texas.

Biden Harris tickets the purpose is to stimulate the enthusiasm at the Democratic Convention after the low key activities

Amash quickly squashed the idea, responded to Weigel,”it’s not me”and added that he does not believe it will be Hurd. Amash said he intends to vote for his party candidate, Joe Jorgensen.

CNN’s Jamie Gangel after tweeted, card music tell her this man he had in mind is a former Republican member of Parliament.

Monday morning, subsequent speculation caused the former House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, to trend on Twitter with fellow former Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, and ago. Jeff Flakes, R-Arizona

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Card West, who is a final of the Republicans in the 2016 GOP primary race along with the Celestron universal. Ted Cruz,R-Texas, has been a fierce criticism of the President and the future says in this week’s Democratic Convention, which began Monday night.

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