Trump’s war on cities is a giant photo-op — created for Fox News and campaign ads

On June 1, Donald Trump, the failed businessman, he became President pretending to be a successful businessman in the reality TV section, the decision to tear-gas peaceful protesters in search of photos. No obvious provocation, the Federal Office of police beating a group of people organized a non-violent protest in Lafayette Park next to the White House, the release of tear gas to the crowd and laying into them with batons and rubber bullets. It soon became clear why this happens:Trump wants his picture taken in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church and want a clear path through the Park.

But more than that:ACE also imagine people fleeing paramilitary police air directly to the speech he gave just before his stroll, one in which the President claimed that”our country has been facing a career anarchist, violent monster, or arsonists, the looters, criminals, insurgents,antifa and others”, he is”the mobilization of all the Federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the riots and looting.”

In other words, the king and his aides clearly believe that the confusion of the image of the police crushing peaceful protest will see, at least on TV, like the proof of the Trump feature of the largely peaceful protests as”riots”running the risk”of anarchists.”

This situation has seriously backfired. Reporters on the scene saw with their own eyes, the protest was peaceful, the only who can legitimately say is”riots”by the police. Trump wants to look tough, but the wound looks weak and cowardly, a man so afraid of being heckled, he hides behind a phalanx of RoboCops. Even the photo-op go sideways:ACE looks especially awkward with a Bible perched dramatically on his stubby fingers, in a manner suggesting that he had never seen or held a book.

But ACE, never one to admit a mistake, also did not give up his faith, to launch a military attack peaceful protesters is just the thing needed to revive its activities. He sent to the Federal police armed to the hilt and dressed in camouflage, the maximize appears in the invading army into the Portland, Oregon, to intimidate and attack the people gathered together peacefully in the streets. (Even the mayor of Portland Adler, got tear gassed while doing nothing more sinister does not stand in the peace of the crowd, with the protesters.) Now Trump says he would send more Federal men to Chicago and Alburquerque,New Mexico, are against the Express wishes of local and national leaders, they pointed out, the Federal Police, not the protest, is a temporary conflict into violence. He suggested that he might expand this country’s invasion of other cities in the country.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Trump tried to prove all these claims that we witness”a shocking explosion of shootings, massacres, murders and heinous crimes of violence.”

Favorite thing Bertrand said, This is a downright lie. FBI crime statistics show that overall crime fell by 5. 3% since last year. It is true, murder rates have ticked up in many places from the historically low levels the last few years. Experts interviewed by the New York protests have nothing to do with it, and it’s a result of the huge destruction caused by the coronavirus epidemic, which increases the pressure, resulting in two domestic violence increased and more heat of the internal dispute of the illegal drug trade.

As usual, the ACE is lying is not only statistics. He also lied about his intentions. He didn’t do any of this keep the people safe. If he cares a white about the security of Americans, he will focus his energy fighting the coronavirus, is not temporary violence against the largely peaceful protesters. If he cared about reducing violence, he will not cause more is by sending police to attack the demonstrators. If he really cares about the”law and order,”he does not deliberately lure the chaos of the streets.

No, this is all about one thing and only one thing: reality-TV President wants to create a scene camera, the one he thought would get him re-elected.

That’s why the King went to Tulsa held a rally near the site of one of the worst racial massacres in American history, on weekends usually referred to as the celebration of black people’s liberation from slavery: he hope that this provocation will lead to violent conflict between the demonstrators and the police. (No)

ACE is the role of the world’s worst TV Director, one is using taxpayers money to cause real pain and suffering of the people disagree with the role of his abusive theme of the TV drama, aimed at an audience with a tear gas kinking. All the purpose of produce a B-roll video of the flash of the explosion a cloud of gas and armored police and dressed in black, the protesters are in heavy rotation on Fox News and campaign advertising.

As Oregon long Kate Brown explained on MSNBC, at the time Chad Wolf, agents of the National Security Secretariat visited Portland recently,”he brings up a Fox News team with him for a photo opportunity.” Not surprisingly, this network play a role in the Trump of Desire series, presented by the Portland picture misleading way, and enlarged his lies about the protesters.

A tricky question for Trump the art of the idea is that everyone outside the Fox News bubble can be seen, the protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful, and the President who sent the IS that the lack of training,the excitement of the Federal Police is an incitement to violence and chaos. ACE is doing this to get the image of the”violence”of the protests, however, he is mainly more and more like the police of the attack line of middle-aged women who sings a lullaby(this is No exaggeration). As with the Lafayette Park after the incident, in early June, it is obvious who is the real mastermind of the violence.

ACE sport is so desperate for images of street violence, it in fact, to borrow the photo of the demonstrators attacked a uniformed soldier shooting photos in Ukraine In 2014—and try to pass it as an image from the United States to the recent protests.

Trump the intestinal level of certainty(white)Americans hungry for more images of the police beating or attack the protesters, like most of the things the King felt sure that is completely wrong. Recent survey data from earlier this month shows that 62%of Americans believe that Trump’s handling of the protests has made the situation worse. When it comes to non-Republicans, this figure rises to 8 in 10 Americans. ACE is a waste of taxpayers ‘ money and the release of the injury of the United States citizens sole purpose is the activation of the worst impulses of the most racist and bigoted members of his base–the people have to vote for him, no problem.

Of course, the Fox News hysteria of the coverage no doubt inspired by the King inclined his arbitrary repression, in the first place—is to support him to the hilt, as many Republicans run for vote, from this historically unpopular President. This seems to be a stupid move, is likely to alienate any voters who are not already on the Board, but then again, what else do they have? With Cov pandemic raging control and the economy in the toilet,Republicans certainly can’t ask them to do a competent job, it is worthwhile to continue to do so. Violence and racism may not be a winning message in this year of historic turmoil and change, but at this point, it is all the king and his party had already left.

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