Trump’s chaotic response to COVID-19 reveals major national security weakness

If the world were high school, the United States is the most popular girl:hate a lot of adored some, watching. Not to be overlooked. This national response COVID-19 virus has been broadcast to the world and close observation. Each misstep, each reversal of the policy and each of the statements misleading, and the way in which our States and Federal government are not in the communication or cohesion of the items is very valuable information to the world, and our enemy in particular.

When I was working undercover as a CIA officer assigned to the Counterterrorism Center, in particular the biological weapons Group, I was acutely aware of what the information management of the broadcast of the terrorists, I be tracking. In order to fully understand these terrorists, I had to fully understand how and why they see the Americans and the Americans as the enemy. Know exactly what they think of our vulnerability help me Suss out their plot to kill a large number of people with a single and simple deployment. I think I asked to close the chemistry program is not only Know the enemy But also to Know how the enemy is aware of us.

When I applied this thinking and Method, to the President of Trump’s response COVID-19, I see a country that is not only in danger of the virus itself, but in the dangerous attacks of different forms-from our enemies. Each flagrant is the wrong message to put out, for example, in the chair the King said,”We’re almost closed, from China,”we let our enemies know that this administration does not have a clear, concise and effective plan of how to manage a crisis, because there is no acknowledgment that a crisis exists. When Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, which currently has more cases than any other country(more than 160,000 this writing)appear frequently in national television and avoid the Federal government ventilation, our enemies know, the individual States of this Union did not get the support and infrastructure necessary from the Federal government. And the national battle between, because they are trying to get medical supplies to the display of the disjointed state of the Union today.

Compared with this, the reply of former President times of national crisis—FDR and the banking crisis of 1933, by George W. Bush after the attacks of. 11 example. In each case, the President should exhibit unity, clarity, and the mobilization of the United States as a whole the reaction is valid. Our enemies see a nation in Unity; a country with a singular focus, to keep its citizens safe.

Last month, the Federal protection service, a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security published the non-confidential Memorandum, the description of the violence of white supremacist extremist groups have stated that they have”obligations”of the spread of the coronavirus. These groups have identified vulnerabilities as law enforcement agencies and minority communities. Ten days ago, Health and Human Services sector the target is in a network attack. It is reported that the Ministry is compromised, but a couple of micro-errors of the information ensuing from the disease prevention and Control Center, but actually released to the hackers. So this is not an imaginary enemy has begun to mobilize in the face of chaos and confusion currently being exhibited by the United States.


COVID-19 is a global pandemic; it reminds us that we are all connected, all citizens of the same planet. It is the responsibility of the state, as the most watched nation in the world, to act responsibly, morally and wisely. So far, all our shows is that we have no leadership, we have no supplies or equipment and we don’t have a cohesive communication system.

Now it is vital that we close off our vulnerability, the end of the We differences between the political parties and the state, and the rise of a unified state, who can maintain a fast and safe against our enemies. After all, the next flu pandemic, the next line of bioterrorism, the next risk of network hack, just click.

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