Trump: US firms must end links with TikTok and WeChat

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President of the United States Donald Trump has signed an Executive order for the TikTok and WeChat, the two biggest app.

In two orders, the U.S. company must stop doing business with the company in 45 days. Trump, said Mr. he acted”to protect our national security.”

This is a major upgrade, in Washington, that Beijing through its power in the global technique.

Announced as Microsoft is negotiating to buy TikTok in advance of the 15 month deadline set by Mr. Trump.

The Executive order for the short video sharing platform TikTok-owned Chinese company ByteDance and information service WeChat by Tencent Enterprise Group is the latest measure in an increasingly wide range of ACE management moving to China.

Trump Mr. order, you may want to bear any responsibility the legal challenge, analysts say.

In the morning on Thursday, Washington announced the recommendations of the companies listed on the US stock market should be removed, unless they provide regulatory Agency access to their audited accounts.

What the King say?

In the two Executive orders Trump, said Mr. he had found”further steps must be taken to deal with national emergency on information and Communication Technology Services and supply chain”.

He added:”the proliferation in the United States mobile application development and owned company in the people’s Republic of China(China)continue to threaten the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United Nations.”

He refers to both applications as a”threat”. The two orders of say anything not specified in”transactions”the application of’the Americans or its subsidiaries will be”prohibited.”

The order cited the legal authority from the National Emergencies Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

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Media captionSee what TikTok?

Below Mr. Trump to say that TikTok data collection can make our country keep track of our government employees and collected personal information for blackmail or corporate espionage.

He noted that the report indicates that the TikTok review of the content deemed politically sensitive, such as the protests in Hong Kong and Beijing’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority.

The US President said, the Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration(responsible for oversight of our airport screening)and the United States Armed Forces has prohibited the TikTok in the government of the phone.

ByteDance and Teng declined, so far the comments.

WeChat is prohibited so that our personal relationship is in danger

Zhaoyin wind, BBC News, Washington DC

The TikTok prohibition is hardly a surprise, since the app faces scrutiny in the US for a few months. But almost exactly the same prohibition WeChat is more of a bombshell.

Immediately after President Trump’s Executive order announced, I received a flood of messages on my WeChat. Friends in America and their loved ones in China is an absolute panic.

They are thousands of miles away but in the Ask the same question: how we should keep contact after WeChat was banned in the United States?

It is almost impossible to avoid the WeChat for those who have any connection to China.

The billion-user application is of order,Facebook,Instagram, PayPal, Uber, and even fight with fire, all in one ecosystem.

U.S. move to block WeChat, a prominent example is China’s scientific and technological innovation, will be seen as attacking their culture, their people and the country. It will enhance the popular opinion in China, Washington is unreasonable to suppress its biggest competitor’s technology.

If the ban is fully implemented, it will be a disaster for the people who have family, friends or business in China.

While tit-for-tat has become the new normal in U.S.-China relations, this move will cut off almost all of the people-to-people communication between the world’s two most influential countries.

What background?

Since Trump Mr. The Oath last Friday, ban TikTok, the tech giant Microsoft has indicated that it is negotiating to get the Chinese app is our operation.

Trump Mr. said this week that he would support the sale to Microsoft as long as the U.S. government had received”most”of the sales price of the demand, that legal experts described as highly non-Orthodox.

But he warned that he would ban the TikTok in the US from 15 months.

The United States government took action last year on two Chinese communications companies, and communications, including locking their government contracts.

Trump Mr. have been waging a trade war and he blamed the countries for the global coronavirus pandemic, which has already weakened the U.S. economy, threatening the U.S. President’s re-election prospects.

What is the TikTok?

The rapid growth of applications-of which there are up to 80 million active monthly users in the United States has exploded in popularity in recent years, most people at 20 or less.

They use the app to share 15-second video, often involves lip-synching to songs, Comedy programs and unusual editing techniques.

These videos are then provided to both followers and strangers. By default, all accounts are public, although the user can limit the upload to an approved list of contacts.

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Media captionWhat is the TikTok?

TikTok also allows private messages sent, but this facility is limited to”friends.”

The app reportedly has about 800 million active monthly users, its biggest market growth in the United States and India.

Although, as Trump Mr. note that in his Executive order, India has blocked TikTok, and the Chinese other applications.

Australia, which has banned Huawei and Telecom equipment manufacturer ZTE is also considering the Prohibition of TikTok.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is very popular among those users connected to the country, where the main social networking platforms-such as apps Facebook-are blocked.

WeChat is sometimes described as a social network, but it really is so much more-to provide a method of payment, run more applets, find the date and get the message, in addition to information and other social activities.

This is perhaps best thought of as a secondary operating system or the program.

It is also seen as a key tool in China’s internal surveillance apparatus needs to place the user has been accused of spreading malicious rumors of the registered face scan and voice print.

But in addition, it is allegedly often used by the Chinese Communist Party pump propaganda of the Chinese Diaspora.

The seminar, held earlier this year by the Australian Strategic Policy Research think tank discussed how the group’s internal application will be used to recommend the resort, restaurants and the Like on a on a daily basis, but then switch to the diffusion of political information, in line with Beijing’s thinking during the critical period.

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