Trump said that Intel does not report on the Russian rich for our troops

Chairman King, on Sunday night said U.S. intelligence could not confirm that an explosion of the story, the Russian military officials offered bounties to militants with the Taliban killing American troops in Afghanistan.

The New York Times citing unnamed officials, reportedly, it is believed that some of the”Islamic militants”or”criminal elements”collection of expenditures. The report noted that 20 Americans were killed, in 2019. It is unclear if any of these deaths is a bounty.

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“Intel has just reported to me that they didn’t find this information reliable, and therefore did not report it to me [email protected] President. Probably another Russian-made hoax, perhaps by the fake [email protected], trying to make Republicans look bad.”

TASS, the state news Agency reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry called the report”message is a forgery.” A Taliban spokesman also denied any truth to the report.

Thomas Joscelyn, a senior fellow at the Foundation for defense of Democracies, a think tank, told The Wall Street Journal,”Moscow willing to accept the Taliban openly and publicly dates back several years”and he wouldn’t be surprised if the sense of the report.

“A truly shocking revelation, if this report is true, and I emphasize once again, is the President of ACE, commander of the U.S. Army serving in a dangerous theater of war, already know this for several months, according to the Times, and did more than nothing,”Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee said during a virtual town hall.

The White House said neither Trump nor the Vice-Chairman Mike Pence briefed on such intelligence. “This is not to speak of the value of the said information, but the inaccurate New York Times story incorrectly implied the President of the Aces on this issue,”press Secretary trouble McEnany said in a statement.

This report sent a shock wave through the country’s Parliament on Friday where the politicians have been focused on the recent riots after George Freud’s death in police custody, many people are referring to a revival of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The newspaper said, Wang gave a presentation on intelligence and the management of the National Security Council considered the issue a diplomatic complaint to Moscow. The report says that Russia is what is called a mixed war with the United States, consisting of network attacks and military operations, may be rejected.

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Trump’s tweet is in order to respond. Graham, R-S. C., who tweeted earlier, it is”necessary to the conference to get the bottom”of the report.

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