Trump denounced the flag burning DC protesters set a US flag on fire

Chairman King condemns burning national flag on Tuesday night after protesters set fire to a large American flag, they are tied to a traffic light pole at a crossroads outside the Lafayette Park a few blocks from the White House.

“It’s a shame(sic), the General Assembly does not do something the lower animals, the burning of the American flag,”the President tweeted. “It should be stopped, now!”

The protesters also burned a small flag of the United States to the rest of the larger one day after protesters sabotage and attempts to pull the next Andrew Jackson like in Lafayette Park. The police intervened before the protesters were successful.

TRUMP issues warning of destruction, efforts to overthrow the ANDREW JACKSON statue in Lafayette Square Park

The police held a line in front of the historic Church of St. John the Bishop after the destruction of The again Monday of graffiti.

The National Park Service announced that the Park will be closed on Tuesday, as the assessment of the damage and start to repair.

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City officials and police also removed tents and awnings to the left of the protesters tried to establish an Autonomous region near the White House similar to one that recently turned violent in Seattle.

The White House and Lafayette Park has become a focal point of Black Lives Matter protesters call for justice and equality after the death of George Floyd, a black man died after a white officer kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Earlier this month, Trump’s so-called Prohibition of flag burning is a”no brainer”and the support of Senator Steve Daines’of the proposed constitutional amendment to make Flag flanging illegal.

The Supreme Court ruled that flag burning is a protected freedom of expression.

Fox News’Kevin Corke contributed to this report.

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