Trump: 1.5 Million Coronavirus Cases Are ‘Badge of Honor’

PResident Donald Trump says”badge of honor”, the United States has more than 1. 5 million cases of coronavirus infections in the world—he’s always just a reflection of the success of the test system.

“I think it is a badge of Honor, really, this is a badge of honor,”Trump told reporters at a Cabinet meeting at the White House on Tuesday. “It is a great tribute to test and all work, many of the professionals has been completed.”

At least 91,000 Americans die from Covid-19, the diseases caused by the coronavirus, since February. The United States has now performed more than 11. 8 billion Test infected with the virus, according to Covid tracking project, the government experienced a delay in obtaining a test development and manufacturing. The United States continues to face detect shortages and set priorities for who gets one.

On the contrary, Trump the requirements of the United States the Test level is not very extraordinary. The United States trails countries like the UK, Italy and Germany in the tests performed per 1 000 people, Bloomberg data show. And the United States to find a case, for every 7. 8 Test, far behind other countries such as New Zealand, Australia and South Korea, they have to test far higher number of people to find one case, the data compilation of The our world in data.

The United States has the largest publicly reported outbreak, in the world. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the United States has been carried out a report 11. 3 million times the test, although Bertrand said he believes the number is closer to 14 million.

“If you test of 14 million people, you will find more cases,”Trump said. “Many of these people are not very sick but they still as a case, so, in fact, the number of cases—we are also a bigger country than most. Therefore, when we have a lot of cases, I don’t see as a bad thing, I see is because, in some respects, as a good thing, because it means that our test is much better.”

A government official, briefing reporters as early as Tuesday on condition of anonymity, said the United States has begun to see a decline in cases and deaths, even as the test increases. A positive test is the percentage of also reduced, which means that the state found the case not often in the detection, the officials said.

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