Tribal N: a punch from the past to the future, now you can play Xbox anywhere in the title

Today, we live at the edge of the technology, especially if you look at the game tracking light, high resolutions, more detailed textures, and more. In addition, the game mechanics are full of more and more features, requires more investment to learn and advance. In my childhood in the 80’s one of the”computer game”term is still very new, 8-bit is high-tech and games and play. It sometimes feels maybe things become too complex, recently!

I have this feeling for a long time, when I first discovered my one man Studio, Creamative in there, I think that there is a gap where the simple past might be combined with today’s status to find an optimal point. This is clearly reflected in Creamative slogan as well as”game from the past!” This philosophy, I started to shape my first project in 2014 and today has finally come alive, Tribal N.

Tribal N

Tribal N Is a solid fight to the death/fist of the game, its roots can be found in the 80s classic game, which combined with today’s modern punch mechanism. Its graphics are draw on the past as a simple pixel graphics, but it’s own unique style has a certain charm. On the other hand, it the game mechanics is to borrow in the future. Benefit from today’s modern quarrel of the mechanic, your Playground is a fully 3D space with the level of trouble you find typically in today’s game market.

Once you start the game, you first notice the tight control. Attack and throw shuriken feels so satisfying, because if you are agile martial arts home you have always wanted. Where do you start with a simple button-mashing strategy, you quickly realize that you need to Dodge/roll and block when you need to progress until the end. It contains both local and online co-op mode, to get the maximum enjoyment with your friends whether you are in the same room or around the world!

Tribal N

Another unique aspect of Tribal N Is it the mini-games. Each level has its own mini-games tightly integrated into the main game. As a part of modern gaming culture, we recognize the huge impact of mobile gaming and Leisure Properties, which has a great impact in the design of our game. These games, once play activities, will unlock can play unique or without you friends for a high score challenge.

One other feature, our challenge is a online collaboration function. Again having roots in the arcade hall, a great beat’em up/brawler tournament is the most enjoyable time to play with more than one person. While it would be ideal to have all your friends sitting on the same couch and share your laughter, there are cases where this is impossible, especially if you think of the tough days we go through today. This is my online collaboration features into place, always can let you find a friend, whether they are in your neighborhood or on the other side of the world.

Tribal N

Hope you like what you read We’d like to invite you all to join us on a small journey starting on 6…

Finally, keep safe and make the game!

Tribal N



$ 14.99

Battle alone or with your friends, mastering the art of war and bring peace back to the land, in this arcade-inspired epic punch!

Tribal N is a fight game that combines the classic game with today’s modern rock the boat. Have a fast paced nature, you have to Dodge, block and use your light, heavy and special attack wise progress. There is an ancient Far Eastern theme, you will get Challenge in 7 different levels with many different enemies, in the/bottom of the level, boss and casual mini-games into the main game.

About Clans N:

Tribal N is an ancient samurai mission in the region”Far East”, sworn to protect the field from all that seek its destruction. The four group members including the shinobigatana wielding ninja Ming, the staff striking Reina, dual-sword-swing to the big glow, and a scythe to cut the monk Tarou.

After years of training and dedication to their respective craft, each character has found their own unique magical abilities. Akira incident pulse charging and lightning,Reina control the malignant earthquake shock, the maximum luminance of the vortex a brutal tornado wave, and Tarou can be called upon to help the Dragon.


Akuji is a former samurai family, the N, found that the balance of the world in three areas: peace, knowledge, and time. Akuji found that if you knock on the world, one of them, you can use the power of”spiritual imbalance”and grow. Due to the pursuit of mental imbalance, he is shunned from the Samurai temple, and cast out of the family N.

What Akuji did not know is, to achieve spiritual imbalance will not only give you the dark, it consumes you the light and purity of life. After he was expelled from the temple and the clan N, Akuji be able to destroy the peace of the slaughter of the village and the reserved powers of those he killed, so as to absorb the conflict and the power of witchcraft ability, become the most powerful shaman warrior, in the Far East. At the same time, he continued to grow, Akuji the formation of the West gunslinger, the spirit of the mission, adding he conquered and eliminate anyone standing in their path.

Once his actions were discovered by a family of N, they are on the go to stop the evils of plunder, by Akuji and West gunslinger.

About the role:

Rena and Daiki grow as brothers and sisters in the southern part of a samurai family. Reina does not teach the teaching of this section of the family like her brother Daiki, but still observe and learn the way to master the staff. She eventually got to shamanism and became the first Ninja sorcerer in the land as a young woman.

Akira is a childhood friend into the tribe as a lost child wandering in foreign lands chased by a pack of Wolves, almost didn’t make it to the village. Daiki’s father with kids and they proposed, although Akira is usually covered since head to serious scarring.

Tarou is from the same monastery as Akuji(prior to his joining of the family N)and learned under the same teachers. Akuji return to the monk Temple many years later, stole an ancient scroll that explains how to destroy the pillar of balance, and extract the spirit of the imbalance. In the pursuit of Akuji,Tarou tracking his step family N. After explaining the situation to the existing three members, they all decided to team and take out Akuji.

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