Trevor Noah breaks down the effect coronavirus is having on the black community


As the Cov continues to spread, the United States became the new center of the epidemic, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah turned his attention to one of the communities hardest hit: the black community.

“When you look at the systemic social and economic factors, in the face of blacks in the United States, which makes complete sense,”Noah explained. “You see, overall, blacks are less likely to have health insurance, blacks are more likely to have pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, as well as those things to do in Cov is more deadly.”

Noah spent the rest of the video broken other factors, such as the high number of black service work in the United States, racism and health care system. Noah has also been talked about Bad Feminist Author Roxane Gay Issues in another video, in which she discusses how the epidemic has been an ordinary those inequalities experienced Blacks in the United States.

“You see, the unfortunate fact is, the black community is bashing the coronavirus, now,”Noah concluded, in the above video. “But in a sense, this is not because there is something special about Cov; this is because any widespread crisis in the United States is bound to hit the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups the hardest.”

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