TikTok teen tank River Plata force of the game in Tulsa, they say

President of the Trump campaign promises of huge crowds in his rallies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last Saturday, but it failed to deliver. Hundreds of teenagers TikTok user and K-Pop fans say that they at least partially responsible.

Brad Parscale, Mr. President, ACE of the re-election campaign, posted on Twitter last Monday, the campaign has been sent More than a million Ticket request, but Journalists at the event stated Attendance lower than expected. The campaign also canceled a planned event with the rally expected the overflow crowd, did not materialize.

Tim Murtaugh, spokesman of the ACE movement, The protesters To stop the supporters from entering the rally, held in brother center, of which there are 19,000-seat capacity. Journalists present said some of the protests.

TikTok users and a Korean pop groups claim to have registered the potential thousands of votes Mr. Trump’s campaign rally as a prank. After the ACE movement’s official [email protected] patch Tweet Ask supporters to register for free tickets using their mobile phone in June 11th, the K-pop fan account, and start sharing information to followers, encouraging them to register the Assembly and then not show.

Many users delete their posts after 24-48 hours in order to hide their plan and let it spread into the mainstream, the Internet. “Most of the people who made them deleted them after the first day, because we don’t want to ACE’s motion to catch the wind,”Mr. Daniels said. “This child is very smart, they thought of everything.”

Steve Schmidt,a longtime Republican strategist AddedThat”the youth of the United States the attacks of savage combat [email protected]

Mary Jo Laupp, a 51-year-old from Fort Dodge,Iowa,said she has seen Black TikTok users to Express their frustration about Mr. Trump’s hosting his rally on Juneteenth, the holiday on June 19. (The rally was later moved to June 20.) Her”vent”her own anger in a late-night TikTok video on 11—and provide a call to action.

“I recommend that all those of us who want to see this 19,000 seat auditorium barely filled or completely empty to booking now leave him standing there alone on the stage,”Ms. Laupp said in the video.

When she checked her phone next morning, Ms. Laupp said, the video is starting to go viral. It has more than 700 000 people like, she added, and more than two million views.

She said that she believed that at least 17,000 tickets were accounted for on the basis of comments she received about her TikTok video, but added that people ask her to say thousands have been reserved.

Ms. Laupp said she was”overwhelmed”and”shocked”the possibility of her efforts She helped inspire may contribute to the low of the rally to attend.

“There are teenagers in this country participated in this little no show protest, he believes, they can have some influence in their countries political system, even if they are not old enough to vote,”she said.

Efforts to deprive Trump of Mr. A large crowd spread from Twitter and the TikTok in multiple social media platforms, including Instagram and..

Erin Hoffman, an 18-year-old from upstate New York, said she heard of a friend on Instagram about the social media campaign. She then spread it himself through her. Story, say friends who saw her after telling her that they reserved the ticket.

“ACE has been actively trying to deprive millions of Americans in many ways, and for me, this is a protest I can perform,”said Ms. Hoffman, he reserved two tickets for himself and persuaded her parents to seize the two. “He should not have the platform he has been given.”

Ms. Laupp said many people share her video to increase the the commentary, to encourage people to purchase a ticket with a fake name and phone number. In the comments section, according to her own video, TikTok users to exchange opinions on how to get a Google Voice number or another Internet connection to a telephone line.

“We know all of the ACE movement of the feed data, they are constantly mining these gatherings of data,”said Ms. Laupp, he worked in several rallies to Pete for the campaign for the Democratic nomination as Chairman. “Feeding them false data is a bonus. Data they think they have the data they are collecting from this rally, is not accurate.”

She said, adding that few people attended her campaign complain that once they signed the Assembly with their real phone number, they can’t get Trump’s campaign to stop texting them and send them a message.

Mary Garcia, a 19-year-old student from California said that she is using a Google Voice amount signed up for the rally, however, her two friends who also signed with their real numbers and have been inundated with the text of the ACE movement.

Ms. Garcia said she decided to sign on a whim after seeing Ms. Laupp video, but after she saw the ACE of the campaign, has on its record number of votes, she regretted what she had done.

“I think it does not even matter if the rally is complete or not,”Ms. Garcia said. “They will have about a million tickets to be registered, then they will lie or anything about how large the audience.”

K-pop stans have been increasingly involved in American politics in recent months. After the ACE activities Comment of the message The President’s birthday last month 8, K-pop stans submitted a first-class prank message. And earlier in the day, when Lars,the police Department asked citizens to submit video of suspicious or illegal activities through a dedicated app, K-pop Twitter the right credit crash the program, by uploading thousands of the”word”of the movie.

They also recovered the#WhiteLivesMatter label, by sending spam it endless K-pop videos, in the hope of making it more difficult to white supremacists and sympathizers find one and communicate their message.

Whether the prank call in fake tickets, is because the empty rafters in Mr. Trump’s rally, the Teens in the online celebration. On Twitter, A few Account Tweeted“The best senior prank ever.”

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