This totally wild ‘Dracula’ billboard is more than it seems

Vampires only come out at night and apparently so do its marketing.

A new BBC TV series in the UK called Vampire (Also stream Netflix outside the UK)the arrival of the New Year and with it some creative billboards.

What looks like a random assortment of bloody risk getting caught in a white background, on billboards in London, Birmingham City will become a shadow of art as the daylight disappears. A familiar face then appeared with the help of a strategic location, the projected lights.

Look at the passage of time to the virus to get the full effect:

This is a vampire!

Sunlight is known to kill vampires, so this design makes sense. This display, from the team behind Holmes,With three 90-minute program. The front surface of the Billboard is a closed blunt instructions,”in case of vampires, break glass.”

BBC behind the creation of the dark Billboard. The Agency told design publication Drum This change of work should invoke the dark humor of the display, which is an adaptation of the vampire legend.

Hey! If you are looking for other cool shadow art, check the work of the artist Kumi Yamashita.

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