This mango-Basil ice cream made with only 4 ingredients(and it’s dairy free!)

When imagining my perfect summer, ice cream is front and center on the agenda. Bare feet in the swimsuit and coverup, hair still damp from the swimming competition of the calories consumed every drop of Melty goodness before the slide of the cone…this is what Summer Dreams.

That is to say, if you’re an ice cream sundae supporters and back-Yo fanatics like me, an adult onset dairy Allergy can be quite the anticlimax. When I could no longer tolerate dairy products, I was forced to take I love my teeth in a different direction. Nevertheless, I have been surprised, in a whole new world of desserts that I found. If done right, dairy-free desserts can be as decadent and satisfying, and does not affect the cream or flavor.

Recently, I have been on a mission to concoct the perfect homemade vegan ice cream using just my blender and a freezer at home. So far, this vegan mango ice cream recipe has been the final blow. Coconut milk, mango, Basil, and maple syrup, to scream summer and as a simple, mouth-watering treat. It is also dairy, refined sugar free and seriously addictive, no fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives in sight(unlike most store-bought version of the ingredient list on many of them is probably terrible.) I dare say, this ice cream is directly healthy on the dessert spectrum.

This mango and Russell food doctrine’s ice cream is a healthy dessert you need in your life this season. This is creamy, sweet, refreshing, and so simple, you will again and again.

Ripe mango is a summer of the greatest gifts. Now they are at their peak flavor and provides the most creamy, delicious base of frozen desserts. I chose to mix up the frozen fruit with some coconut milk, and gradually add more fruits to achieve a thick consistency, I want my ice cream. If you don’t have enough frozen mango, add in a little bit of frozen banana can also work here. For coconut milk, I’ll grab the canned kind(I used Trader Joe’s brand), because it is extra creamy and rich taste. Sweet things, maple syrup brings a velvety texture and the perfect dose of natural sugar to the mixture. Complete it the chopped Basil adds a subtle flavor, is totally refreshing.

My sweet tooth runs deep and the homemade ice cream is a favorite family tradition in my house. During the holiday season, we always look forward to the launch of the ice cream production of a variety of flavors like mint chip, dark chocolate, cookies’n cream and more. Although I love the ease and smooth these little machines, and I’ve realized that blender is the unsung hero of homemade ice cream. You can whip up soft serve in a matter of seconds, and skip the loss, to freeze the measures all together(because we all know that when you want ice cream, you want it right now). Since my last I purchased my acceleration, I’ve been addicted to all the new possibilities for mixing, puree-ing and concocted. A good blender is really worth the hype. I made frozen cocktails, spices, sauces, puddings,soups,milk shakes, now ice cream in this thing. Like I said, You can even eat the ice cream immediately after blending if you like the soft services.

If you choose to go the freezer route, respect. I applaud your patience and self-control. This is the hardest part, because you will want to sneak some bites you every time you check, because it hardens. After a few hours the ice cream tends to get quite difficult, so it is important to let it soften before serving. I’ll set it up in opposition to about 20 minutes, until it is a spoon able consistency. When you are ready to eat, and shovel into your ice cream container of choice. I’ve tried it in two cups and cones, but I find this is a little more easy to the edible spoon.

This ice cream is super creamy and sweet and delicious all on its own, but sometimes you just need a little extra something. I chose to top mine with some fresh Basil, a handful of berries and drizzle of honey. If you try this formula to a level below, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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