This lazy robots can help(very slow)save our planet


Look, as in the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a lovely friend. The next few months, visitors will find a new lazy stay on the tree—a new lazy Robot,Is accurate.

Developed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of technology, SlothBot is a three-foot-long, solar-powered robot, to monitor temperature, weather, carbon dioxide levels, and so on. In the area of the weave.

Magnus Egerstedt, a robot engineer, said his creation is designed to mimic and embrace the slow pace of a real sloth. The idea, he added, So it can save energy and investigate its environment in a long time—several months, or even years.

“SlothBot can do some of our research remotely and to help us understand what is happening with pollinators, the interaction between plants and animals, as well as other phenomena, it is difficult to comply with otherwise,”said Emily Coffey, Vice President for conservation and research in the garden.

Finally, the researchers hope SlothBot will assist conservation efforts by providing information critical to the understanding and protection of rare species and endangered ecosystems.

“The rapid loss of biodiversity and more than a quarter of the world’s plant may be headed toward demise, SlothBot provide us with another way to work, to protect these species,”Coffey said.

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