This is how the nutritionist to make the case for the Anti-morning routine

A 5:30am Wake-up call? A strictly regimented program? Cupboard all the beauty shop to buy? How happy can you hear, none of these appear in the morning is the theme of today, Lisa Hayim? On the contrary,”a registered dietitian with a master’s in nutrition and exercise physiology from Columbia”is more like it. Although Lisa’s life for the most part is non-toxic, morally driven lifestyle, what she wants to give her nutrition clients is very simple: to be under pressure. Combine that mantra recognized the weakness of the snooze button, and a totally relatable(read: funny)personality, it is easy to see, why the good necessities has quickly become one of our favorite destination for all things nutrition, and one of our favorite Instagram follows.

Read refreshing to see what kind of morning this nutritionists looks like, including but not limited to, a killer non-dairy creamer recipe, Shu comfortable clothing line Lisa can’t live without, and the first”meditation room”we had at Camille Styles.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl! So I really want an early bird and my brain is like the night. It makes sleep difficult, because my brain gets extra creative right when I should go to sleep.

When you Wake up?

It is different and different. Most people think I’m a morning person, but the truth is, I’m trying to get as much sleep as I can according to my duty that day. I use the alarm on my phone, but I now use the Google family, in order to touch my phone is not the first thing I do.

Description Are you ready for the practice, from beginning to end.

I now work at home, so things are very different! I like to drink my water and usually the head until the gym. After the gym,I started to get ready for the daily customers, conference calls and any other people in me to do. “Ready”is not what it used to be when I have a office get. A little cosmetic wear good clothes, its time to develop a new cookbook to write a new blog, or create a video on my channel!

You just woke up. Quick,what’s the first thing you do?

Water! I drink a lot of water. 16 ounces(under my bed)was the first to Wake me up, let my digestive system know we’re back in business.

You have a signature scent?

I use palo santo every night I might Wake up smelling like it. In addition to these, I rarely wear perfume anymore. At this point, I’m more likely to roll in some important oil because we spray in our directly into our bloodstream. Not I used to think about when picking a designer fragrance in there.

Yes. We are fully in Palo city train. What are some of your favorite products of the moment right?

Puracy non-toxic body wash! Cheap and Amazon. I like this scent too. I also very much become my new Under Eye concealer–it has a nice Shine, bright and lifts. This is vegan from the side.

We are such fans of the necessities of life. New readers, what inspired it? What they can expect to find there?

TWN has been a beautiful evolution, from my start to where I am now. I started blogging when I was in graduate school at Columbia University in nutrition and exercise physiology. This is my place to share all of the science based on the fact that I was learning and easy plant-based recipes I made(Always 5 points or less.) I don’t know, then other people will want to read it, or, it may be a business day. After becoming a nutritionist, TWN became a place for me to share my personal experience, my own unique philosophy on nutrition, write thought-provoking articles, and still enjoy the 5-ingredient recipe!

Said, Lisa’s meditation room. “It’s very–pink! Light, inviting pink. It is very calm, but also sort of looks like we are looking forward to a newborn baby girl—ha!”

What Breakfast looks like a nutritionist?

Completely rely. I am in the mood for food may be different, so I call it a day. Coffee or dandelion tea in a French press is my drink. I usually increase, in some adaptation of the original too, plus do not contain dairy cream.

Now I’m doing my own essence, this is a possible full-fat milk, plus extra herbs and a little sea salt. Inspired by my best friend and colleague, Abby K Cannon who lives a zero waste lifestyle. I love it because it is cheaper and has better-for-you ingredients than a typical do not contain dairy fine buy me(read: addicted to).

You in the morning?

Yes, and, and different, but I like walking or doing the stair master, use some of the loot to bring enhanced my hips for hip stability, some of the body upper part. Usually 45 minutes to an hour.

We love you back, comfortable clothing. What is your go-to for everyday wear this?

I am obsessed with the brand Cotton Citizen. They let through a million washes. I often wear them head to toe. Benefits of working from home means comfortable most of the time!

Most healthy early habits:


The worst morning habits:

NAP. Not sure I can break this time, it had been with me for a very long time.

Our living room is very cozy and comfortable. Having non-leather couch is very important to my comfort and ethics.

If you have more than an hour in the morning, how will you use it?

Read a book unrelated to work. Fiction+mystery is my favorite. I know I’m doing the right thing when I read a book or two a week.

One word to describe your morning:


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