This cyclone is soaked Southern California welcomes rain

A large, spinning storm that has been over Southern California, and will destroy the area much needed rain.

See on the satellite image above, this is a common winter storms, called mid-latitude cyclone, rotation in the counterclockwise direction, like a whirlpool. It will shower the area by Tuesday evening.

“This is a good ole mid-latitude cyclone,”said Jeff Weber, research meteorologist, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

A middle latitude cyclone is basically a blank cloud rotating around region of low pressure and low-pressure invites air to pour into an area, bringing clouds and rain.

This cyclone brought a big friend. Below, or South of the cyclone, is a long line of clouds, known as atmospheric rivers. These are difficult with the moisture, which often California floods and strong rain and heavy snow, sometimes to the extent of damage. Woven mid-latitude cyclone is often driving these long with moisture, because they raise the gas river behind the storm, explained Weber.

In this case, most of the atmospheric river, also known as the”river of the sky”has hit the Baja California Sur, Mexico is a long-term, wild Peninsula.

Even so, the surrounding areas of Southern California, there are”very below average”rainfall will still be Get some much needed precipitation.

Overall, California only it the drought the day of the recording, with the Northern countries, particularly dry. But this mid-latitude cyclone will not help of Northern California, This time, anyway.

The Lower 48 States, only their sixth warm winter in the recording of almost all of California experiencing above average temperatures. These temperatures, combined with unusually low rainfall, heralding another ominous fire season.

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