Their business virtual. Then Apple want to everything.

ClassPass built its business on helping others Book exercise classes at the local gym. So when the pandemic forced the gym in the United States closed, the company transferred to the virtual course.

And then ClassPass has received the relevant information. Because this type of sales it iPhone app is now virtual, Apple said it is entitled to 30%of sales, no fee previously, according to a person close to the ClassPass speak the name of fear of the destruction of Apple. IPhone manufacturer says that it is only the implementation of a ten-year rule.

Sustain has experience of a similar request from Apple, after which it began a an”online experience”of the service is to provide virtual cooking classes, meditation and drag Queen shows, the expansion in people’s experience, which began sales in 2016, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Dimensional Discussion of Apple’s requirements with the Congressman’s office is investigating how Apple controls its App Store, according to three people anonymity to discuss private conversations. These lawmakers are considering Apple’s efforts to collect a Commission from the maintenance and ClassPass For their year-long antitrust investigation into the largest technology company According to a person Knowledge Their investigation.

These legislators are set to grill Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and CEO of Amazon, Facebook and Google in the high-end of the hearing last week three.

Apple’s dispute over the smaller company’s point of control of the world’s largest technology company with more than transfer to the online lives to bring this epidemic. While many other economies are struggling, this pandemic further entrenched their businesses.

Millions more work at home employees, Amazon and Google are selling more online cloud space, the revenue for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to soar in the first quarter of this year, including the start of the epidemic. Facebook and Twitter, wherein a portion of Google some on the Internet is the largest gathering place, With the traffic surge, as people unable to communicate in person.

Apple also bring more revenue from its online services business, primarily in its App Store, and Mac, easy to operate has become even more important tools.

With the gyms closed, ClassPass decline which is typical of the Committee on virtual courses, and pass along 100%of the sales to the gym people close to the company said. This means that Apple will take its cut hundreds of struggling independent fitness center, yoga and Boxing gym.

Apple said that, with the peacekeeping ClassPass, this is not an attempt to generate income, although this is a side effect—but instead of trying to enforce the rules already in place, since it was first released the program guidelines in 2010.

Apple says give up the Committee in these cases will be unfair to many other application developers have to pay the cost of a similar enterprise of the year. Because of the epidemic, Apple said that it gave ClassPass until the end of the year to comply with this is to continue negotiations with the dimension.

“To ensure that every developer is able to create and grow a successful business, Apple to maintain a clear, consistent guidelines that apply equally to everyone,”the company said in a statement.

ClassPass is told it must abide by the rules of this month, according to people close to the company. On the contrary, it ceased to provide virtual courses in iPhone application because these classes subject to Apple’s Commission, according to Apple. Therefore, to reduce potential customers now see the Class notice to their gym partner.

In 2016, the Dimension started a business to provide people”experience”for travelers, such as tour guide, bar search, and cooking classes with local people in their holiday destination. In early April, as the pandemic burned out travel plans and the company’s bottom line, help began selling the virtual version of a similar experience, although it expanded rapidly, the business is more prominent products, such as cooking classes with famous chefs and training courses, and Olympic Athletes.

Later this month, Apple said, when the experience of online sales in the iPhone app, the company will have to pay Apple the fee, said a person familiar with their exchanges.

Apple said that it believed that maintaining a long designed to provide a virtual experience—no, the business created simply because of the pandemic, and will continue to do so once the world has returned to normal. Apple also noted that the maintenance never paid Apple any money, despite the fact that it has built billions of dollars worth of business with the help.

The landlord is still the negotiation of the Apple. In June, Brian Chesky,help CEO, he said, the network of experience to provide is the company the”fastest growing product”, and get a $ 1 million income. Apple said that if the two companies can not come to terms, you can eliminate the send the Applications Applications.

Many companies and app developers complain that Apple is forcing them to pay their Commission can be included in the App Store, it is vital to reach about 900 million iPhones. Apple said the App Store had 500 million visitors from 175 countries each week.

For months, economists and lawyers in the Ministry of Justice held a meeting with the company and app developers about the App Store, as part of its antitrust investigation of Apple. Music service the music and another large company, refusing to be named also said that they’ve had recent conversations with attorneys General from several States about the issues.

Different music,to maintain and ClassPass does not provide services in direct competition with one of Apple’s digital products.

Many companies complain that they also suffer what they call Apple’s capricious enforcement of its rules of procedure, which may lead to their application of the clear, killing some of their business. If Apple remove the app from the App Store, the developer could not obtain a new application user and can not update the app already in the phone of the person, and eventually make them break.

Apple said a small percentage of applications are affected by its Committee, which is in cost of the other platform charges, according to a study released by Apple last Wednesday. Dimension, for example, charges a 20% Commission experience.

“If you’re not in the App Store today you do not the Internet. Your business cannot operate. Therefore they are the gatekeepers of something that every company wants,”said Andy heads as chief Executive of Proton Mail, an encrypted email service in Switzerland, the effective competitors of the Apple’s own email service. “If you want to get through their doors, they are going to charge you 30%of the income.”

Mr. yen said his company has been battling Apple due 2017 on which the Committee of the Apple time-bound Proton on the mailbox app for the iphone. Considering that Apple charges, the proton mailbox began filling more than 30% of subscriptions purchased their iPhone app for those who purchased on their website, which is not subject to Apple’s fee. “The only way we can support this charge is actually by customers of the costs,”he said.

However, when the proton mailbox and tell the user to lower the price on its website, Apple limits its application. Then, at the time of the company rather than trying to clear that 30% of the subscription price to the Apple Apple limits its application. “You only hide something like this if it’s wrong,”Yen, Mr. Said.

Ask about Proton mailbox experience, Apple said rules of procedure, requires certain applications to use its payment system, and they are prohibited from directing people to buy their products or services elsewhere.

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