The White House says it will not participate in hearing the impeachment of the

The White House legal counsel Pat Cipollone sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler attacks the Democrats for the impeachment investigation, but the message did not explicitly say that the President of Donald Trump’s lawyers will not take part.

“As you know, your impeachment investigation is complete and unfounded, violates basic principles of due process and fundamental fairness,”Cipollone wrote in a two paragraph letter. “The adoption of the articles of impeachment would be a reckless abuse of power by the House Democrats, and will constitute the maximum unfair, highly partisan, and unconstitutional attempt at impeachment in our nation’s history.”

At the same time, the letter does not specifically state the White House won’t participate, what this means, according to a senior government official.

“Letter of communication, we will not participate in this process,”officials said.

Nadler responded to the White House refused to participate, he said,”if the President did not even respond to the allegations, then he will not want to appear before the Committee.”

“Having refused this opportunity, he cannot claim that the process is unfair,”he continued. “The President’s failure will not prevent us from fulfilling our solemn constitutional responsibility.”

The White House decision to remove a potential obstacle in the house to vote articles of impeachment before Christmas. After the Monday hearing in which the two committees will present their evidence, the Judiciary panel will debate and approve the terms, as soon as the end of next week.

The White House’s Friday letter is not a big surprise, given the President’s lawyers have refused to participate in the Justice Committee’s first hearing. Cipollone concluded a brief letter to inform the Trump’s tweet earlier this week:”whatever course you choose, as the President recently stated:’If you want to impeach me, do it now, quickly, so we can have a fair trial, in the Senate, so that our country can get back to business.'”

Cipollone sent the letter after the Nadler last week to the White House a Friday deadline to tell the Commission whether Trump’s lawyers will participate in the In House impeachment proceedings with the first hearing.

By the rules of the impeachment proceedings gave the President the legal adviser’s ability to participate in judicial Committee hearings. The rules, the President and his lawyers were invited to participate in the Committee describes the evidence—these all happened on Monday and to ask questions, raise objections, and request witnesses, or make conclusions of the introduction.

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“The American people deserve transparency,”Pleasant said after the White House said it will not participate in the First Judicial Committee hearing. “If the President believes that the call”perfect”and there is nothing to hide then he will put thousands of pages of documents requires the General Assembly to allow witnesses to testify instead of blocking the testimony and baseless privilege claims, and to provide any exculpatory information to refute the overwhelming evidence of his abuse of power.”

Republicans have accused the Democrats of providing the White House any due process, only at the very end of the proceedings, after most of the work is carried out in the Institute of intelligence the Chairman of the Committee of lawyers could not attend.

And they think the process is still unfair, given that the Republican Party does not get called on, and is equal to the number of witnesses as a Democrat or request a hearing, with Republican witnesses.

Although the White House noted Friday, it does not take part in the House impeachment proceedings, the House Judiciary Republicans formally requested to witness the king and his allies have launched court to testify.

GOP Representative Doug Collins of Georgia to send Nadler a letter Friday to the request, the eight witnesses, including House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, the anonymous whistleblower and any person who the whistleblower is dependent on the preparation of complaints, allegations Trump had already consulted the electoral interference from Ukraine.

Collins wrote, the Committee should be called”each of the witnesses listed above to testify before this Committee, to ensure that a comprehensive assessment of the facts and cure the procedural and impartiality of the defects injected into these proceedings by the President of the husband.”

Collins asked the court summons will be issued to all the witnesses, they had asked for a husband.

Other GOP request of the witnesses of the Democratic National Committee, the contractor of the Alexandra Chalupa, the integration of GPS contractors Li Office of the high representative, before the Burisma Board member, Devon Archer and intelligence sector employees who Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman no identity in his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

Many of these witnesses had also been requested by the Republican Party in the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee hearing. The Democrats blocked these requests, which Schiff dismissed as an attempt to”undertake the same in-depth investigation of Bidens or 2016, the presidential press Ukraine for their personal political interests.”

Also on Friday, the Chairman of the House Intelligence and oversight and reform, and the Foreign Affairs Committee to send the final version of their impeachment report to the Judicial Committee, according to an assistant working on the investigation, along with a copy of the Republican House members their report rejected the Democratic Party’s allegations.

This story has been updated with other developments, on Friday.

CNN’s Nikki Carvajal and this Collins contributed to this report.

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