The vet removed the beach towel from the Python snake

Small animal specialist hospital(sash)in Sydney, Australia to help solve what they called the case,”the missing beach towel”this week, when they put the entire multi-colored, fruit-themed beach towels from the belly of the family’s pet Python.

“We see a wide variety of interesting cases in our avian and exotics Department, but it’s not every day we see something quite unusual and to have unusual, because in this case, the”sash wrote in a statement on Facebook.

Monty, the snake in question, is a 18 year old female jungle carpet Python who weighs approximately 11 pounds and extends to nearly 10 feet long.

The elusive rainbow snake is now the Florida National Forest for the first time in 50 years, experts say

Obviously, Monte hunting for a midnight snack when she ate the towel

“She has never done anything like this before,”a sash spokesperson told Yahoo News.

The extraction of the towel from her veterinarian, including Dr. Olivia Clark-to take a radiograph to confirm the fabric within the location of the snake,who then anesthesia program. Next, they used a flexible endoscope to see the end of the towel and forceps is placed through the endoscope to grab the cloth.

The process was captured on video.

“Wow”, they can hear a Marvel. “Oh my God!”

“Once we have a good grip, the towel can be carefully from the gastrointestinal tract endoscopic guidance,”sash written. “This is a life-saving procedure. If we are not able to remove the towel, Monty would not be fortunate enough to survive.”

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Fortunately for all, the vet managed to pull out the entire towel”safe and sound”and plot the end of”smile.”

Monty was discharged from the hospital on the same day and her owner reports that she is”back to her happy, hungry self.”

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