The vast majority of Americans of the Mobile time spent occurs in the application

The vast majority of mobile time is spent connected to the Internet. We estimate that US adults will spend an average of more than 4 hours of mobile Internet, with 88% of this time within the application. The application of the percentage continued to increase last year, although our numbers may be underreporting of time in an embedded mobile browser, such as those in Facebook to.



This year, 83% of the time is spent in the sheet will be in the application, the substantial increase in the past few years, but still less than 90% of smartphone time in apps. Higher browser of the percentage of pieces may come from The them to continue to play a role in shopping, this is still a mainly network-based activities.

The difference between the application and the browser of the time, however, is still blurred. According to 2019 for the research to have a good drive and production: metafocus analysis, at least 9%of the time on Facebook occurs within the embedded browser. In addition, advanced website can provide an experience that is substantially similar to an application. Mobile users clearly prefer the in-app experience, but as the network continues to move forward, many of these experiences may be based on JavaScript.

The epidemic has affected a mixed application between the mobile network. Overall, some critical applications, such as those of social media, video, and information, get the most minutes. Beyond these impacts are more ambiguous, and may drive more traffic site.

In April 2020, the mobile network communication amount is 11. 4% higher than April 2019, according to SimilarWeb. More than half(55.6%)of this mobile traffic(on 100 sites)went to computer, electronic and technical publishers, including search and social media in SimilarWeb definition. The largest percentage gains on the legal and government websites and the health station, in which the traffic growth 44. 9%and 54. 9%, respectively, for one year more than one year. The government website, the largest year-over-year growth is the cdc. gov traffic increased by 1870%in March and 990 per cent.

A study may be iterative, a company that provides information and other customer engagement services marketing, found a similar bomb in a mobile network activities. Network push notifications rose 37. 5%between February and March, when the app’s notifications fell by 5. 2%. The customer price grid application notification, on the other hand, the strong growth 28. 5%. “Our customers may be sent less in-app messages, and more dependent on the passage of the motion and e-mail, but moving the message to get the click-through rate is higher than before the pandemic begins,”said Alyssa Jarrett, iterative, Director of brand marketing.

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