The third degree of racism in the United States

We can ratchet on the cost in several ways, starting today. The first step is to clarify what is racist behavior. It is defined so that the reject or it is something else more difficult. There are a few things that white Americans fear more than being exposed as a racist, especially when their white peers cannot afford to defend them. To come out of the closet as a racist is convicted, the United States Supreme moral crime. Once we agree on what racism looks like,we can make those behaviors expensive.

The best understanding of dimension relates to the action of the Colored People as blatantly biased policing black citizens different from whites, calling the police on a black bird watchers in Central Park who ask you to obey the law, calling someone the N word shows them who is boss. This is racism in the first place. If personnel, who are expected to assume full responsibility for the poor police, they will do better police work and we can begin to heal the wounds they have caused Blacks for centuries.

Then there is the opposite, or put a man back on the anti-racism effort, usually the reason is to demonize the people brave enough to confront racist behavior. I call this racism in the second degree, similar to aiding and abetting. George Freud’s death under a police officer’s knee exposed the NFL’s four-year effort to avoid facing racism and policing the way through the demonization of Colin Kaepernick. When the NFL’s sponsors can no longer remain silent and it’s star players(black and White)said, the cost is so high, the Commissioner felt compelled to apologize, but it is worth noting that not Kaepernick himself.

Finally, the most harmful category to support Daily black experience. When employers, educational institutions and government entities do not relax the practice disadvantage people of color in competition with whites in the economic and occupational mobility, that is fundamentally racist-not to mention cancer on our economy and is inconsistent with the American dream. For example, most of the White managers of the operation, because if there is a tension between increased racial diversity and to maintain excellence based on the”meritocracies”, make their organization successful. After all, who in their right mind would oppose this concept of meritocracy?

When these persons face the challenge of recruiting practices, their first excuse is always”the pipeline of qualified candidates is too small, so we can only do so much right now.” In the past 20 years, I have not once heard of an implementation the follow-up”pipe is too small”defense and the quantitative analysis of pipes. This argument is lazy and inaccurate, and it is trying to shift the responsibility to solve the Agency’s problems on the blacks and the organization of work ahead of people of color. When they ask why there are so few minorities in senior leadership roles, managers of the the most common answer is”challenging and retained.” In order to strengthen their elite leadership principles of the narrative, a white-collar guide people point to the few black people they know who have gone to the top of it, the end is not accurate, they are the wisdom and hard work.

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