The Supreme Court has just taken a hammer to the asylum procedure

Activists held a banner reading

Protesters from the rise of the boycott and hold a banner condemning U.S. immigration policy in an action in New York City. (Eric McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Between a pandemic and the threat of military force, the United States citizens, it is easy to forget that the Aces management reserves its biggest cruel behavior of non-white immigrants. And it’s easy to forget, in last week’s narrow decision to uphold the pilot program, the Supreme Court has been largely willing to give a constitutional cover to such prejudice and xenophobia. But Trump’s dislike for black and brown immigrants never need a holiday one day. And the courts have consistently let him get away with it.

This week a reminder of this country’s wanton abuse toward migrants from the decision of the Supreme Court The United States Department of Homeland Security V. Thuraissigiam. The court ruled, by a vote of 7-2, the Constitution does not allow asylum seekers application for habeas corpus.

The victim in this case is Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam. He is a Sri Lakan people stop and arrested 25 yards into the country. He claimed asylum, and other laws allowed to do so. Thuraissigiam is a Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, and claiming fear of persecution if he is deported to Sri Lanka. An asylum officer denied his request, as part of a quick review of all asylum-seekers now face.

ACE the government has to make every effort to prevent asylum-seekers attractive, these quick decisions. If asylum officers and immigration judges determining asylum-seekers not”credible fear”, they can be deported without right of appeal, the judge’s decision. We let people have more opportunity to appeal Parking tickets than we give asylum seekers the opportunity to appeal decisions affecting their fundamental human rights.

The struggle of the ruling on his Thuraissigiam turning a novel legal approach. He requested a personal protection. The government does not allow indefinite imprisonment of people without a hearing: Thuraissigiam think, refused him an opportunity to appeal to speed up the process of deportation, depriving him of due process and the fundamental right to challenge his detention.

However, according to the Supreme Court, only the Aces and the administrative Agency gets to decide who gets rights and who does not. Writing for the majority, Justice Samuel Alito found that the accelerated deportation without appeal not a violation of due process or habeas corpus.

Alito even find the time to be flippant about the issue. He wrote, Thuraissigiam can be free if today he will go back to where he came from:”although the defendant did not claim an authorization to release, the government was pleased to release him to provide the release will occur in the cabin of an aircraft to Sri Lanka.” Obviously, Alito actually didn’t care whether Thuraissigiam have legitimate asylum requests. He just wants him in the cage or out of the United States of America, By Any Means Necessary.

The effect of Alito’s ruling is having a devastating asylum seekers. Without an appeals process, the people in the Thuraissigiam position has no function right. They can be arrested for crossing the border without proper documentation, detention until a custom and Border Protection agents to get around the review of their request, the request is rejected the immigration judge(who is not a real”judge”however, Federal employees working for Attorney General William Barr), and then be detained indefinitely, until the government boots them out of the country. And all you can do not they ever get to talk to a lawyer, because asylum seekers there is no constitutional right to counsel.

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