‘The Speed Cubers’ takes on the world of competitive Rubik’s Cube solving


Rubik’s Cube speed solving is a movement to solve a classic Rubik’s cube or a relevant combination of jigsaw puzzle—in the shortest time possible. And, no, this is not the faint of heart.

A new Netflix documentary about this issue, Speed CubersDiving headfirst into a friendly, but competitive Rubik’s Cube speed solving culture. 40 minutes of the film is one of three new documentary shorts debut on Netflix this summer. (Other Claudia Shore Club, Which for the first time following the release of the The Baby Sitters Club Series, And John try to contact aliens, Which Up. 20.)

Speed Cubers Center in several specialized competitors who go head to head in the World Cube Association World Championship in Melbourne, Australia, in 2019. Feliks Zemdegs for the 23-year-old from Australia trying to keep his Rubik’s Cube record, especially in the 3x3x3 event, in which competitors try to solve a classic Rubik’s cube in the shortest amount of time. Max Park is a skilled 17-year-old American people with autism, in addition to Rubik’s Cube speed solving fun, the use of sports to overcome social setbacks. Although the maximum in the first worship Feliks, He growth of technology over time and become a serious competitor. The competition between the two does not stop them to become friends and cheer. However, they can not take first, in the future the large 3x3x3 championship events.

Although Speed Cubers‘The premise is basic, it is fun. The world Rubik’s Cube speed solving is quirky in the best possible way. Competitors brilliant, the commentators just as the dynamic of the other sports announcers and supporters are fully engaged. It is fun to watch so many kids and young adults get excited about an unconventional interest and touching to see Max and Feliks lift each one another when they are not doing as well as they hope. Feliks is the same quick to congratulate his brother, even if it means his own record has been beat.


In the early days, Speed Cubers Features an animation illustrates the three-dimensional solution process of the next narration from an expert, he explained, although to win the game need memory of about 300 algorithm, the top portion of the speedcubers can in a matter of seconds.

The documentary’s in-depth story compelling anecdotes of the guys and their parents demonstrate the importance of the Rubik’s Cube speed solving in their lives. Max’s mom show her son seems to be trapped in their own world while struggling, his finger skills as a toddler. After spending a lot of dedicated time and finally, introduce him to a Rubik’s Cube, she was able to see him overcome the many obstacles he faces. Feliks, meanwhile, is particularly excited about the upcoming Melbourne competition, because it is the place where he first became interested in the Rubik’s Cube speed screwed.

Speed Cubers Be as energetic as it is emotional and bright. Tournaments are filled with primary colors found on a Rubik’s Cube, this gives the film a playful aesthetic. Is, in the combination of fast-paced challenges, to maintain the presentation of high spirit.

For all the feel-good Speed CubersThere are some narrative choices that make little sense. Although the selection of leadership is a huge selection is because they are not only in their game, but also accompanied by a documentary would be beneficial to pull in some other view. For example, the 18-year-old French competitors Juliette Sebastian is briefly mentioned as the first female 3x3x3 finalists to make the world championship since 2003, but don’t be mean about her. Currently, she is one of only four women with one of the top 100 records in a single 3x3x3 event, and I would like to know more information. And, although I won’t spoil the end, there are other high-scoring weaknesses with the view to a large extent unexplored. This sport is a fascinating one, the other sounds can be given a deeper understanding of why a person enters it crawling column.

At the same time Speed Cubers Missed a few opportunities, it is simple and fun. It’s not particularly level, but it is exciting because it provides a loving look at friendship between two Rubik’s Cube speed solving leader. In addition, you might want to go out and buy a Rubik’s Cube when you’re done.

Speed Cubers Is now on the stream Netflix.

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