The Schuyler Sisters break down the ongoing relevance of ‘Hamilton’


Hamilton Landing at Disney+month 3 in what may be described as a boiling point for the United States. But a Broadway musical love song that have proven their ability many years later. In a video interview with the online version of the Essence Festival, the original of the Schuyler Sisters—Philippa Soo, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Jasmine Cephas Jones—talked about the relevance of Hamilton Today, after being released in the form of a film in the Cov epidemic and the blockade, and the new combat racial justice and police reform, following the police killing of George Floyd

Hamilton History has and will continue to prompt for a complex conversation, but the stars see it as extremely relevant in today’s climate.

“What we’ve learned throughout time, the world is constantly changing, there are new about this piece of art,”said Goldsberry. “When they first decided to make it out of this big Independence Day weekend, we think it is, Hey, you guys, here’s some Theatre on TV! The theater is dark, but we need to remember our humanity and come together.’ We believe that it is related to, and then someone video George Floyd was killed, it suddenly is not as important may be hiding in our house, we need to go out into the streets and demand justice and try to start, fixed some of the problems in this country than an isolated area.

“And then all of a sudden, Hamilton Becomes relevant way to keep ownership of all the people in this country, it is given authorization to a number of different voices at the table to answer these questions, because, you remember when you see us play these ancestors, and contentment’s dry our country, our ancestors built this country, we have some very important ideas needed what would happen to such a great work, they began to continue.” “I’m constantly learning from the show, I’m excited, these voices, they sing in the birth of our country is really about today. Them on my lips I hope they will be on the lips of so many Americans, are demanding justice in this country.”

“An important point is no matter where you come from, no matter what background you are, you have a voice, it is OK to use it,”Jones said. “But you want to do this—by voting, by writing, by letting your friends say it—I hope it inspires people to do so.”

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