The Saints lost on the controversial pass interference no call again the former football referee said, it should have been a flag

After the manner of St. the end of the season last month, Sean Payton may think there is no way his team could lose on a controversial pass interference no call for the second consecutive year, but that’s exactly what happened Sunday in New Orleans in the wild 26-20 overtime loss to the Pirates.

The extra period began with Minnesota the ball first, and by the first few plays, the Saints is not to stop the Pirates offense. Thank you Kirk brothers, who threw for 63 yards in overtime, the Vikings can move the ball from their own 25-yard line of the Saints 2, this is when the crazy begins.

After Dalvin Cook had stuffed two straight plays, the Vikings faced third and goal from the 4, which is when this happened:

This is a 4-yard touchdown pass from Cousins Kyle Rudolph, ended up winning the game against Minnesota, but you can certainly believe that it should not have.

On the play, Rudolph is clearly extending his arm to keep St. cornerback P. J.* Williams Bay, which you can see below.

If the offensive player fully extended his arm, this is should be the reason for offensive pass interference. Although the play was reviewed, the United States Football League Vice-chairmanship, Al Riveron, Decided to let the call stand.

“We looked at all the angles, Fox us, Fox Gave us some great scenery,”Riveron said in a pool report. “No contact for two players, but not linked up to a foul. This is consistent with the we did what all year long, we left the decision in the field. We let it stand.”

You can read more about Riveron the Take controversial by clicking on here.

Unfortunately Riveron, not everyone agreed with his play. Former NFL referee Terry McAulay, who served as a leading official in three different Super Bowl, tweeted after the game, this is an obvious interference play Rudolph.

However, the United States Football League does not agree. Not only was no flag thrown, but the Union have not taken much time to review whether it should interference have been called Rudolph. On the contrary, the play was ruled a touchdown, which gave the Vikings the victory. If offensive pass interference had, it would have been a 10 yard penalty and the Vikings will face a third and goal from the San 14.

No phone is huge, because a touchdown is the only way the Vikings can end the game at this point. If Minnesota has already addressed a field goal, then Saints will get the ball behind 23-20. On the contrary, interference is unnecessary, and the Vikings won the game on a controversial touchdown.

The irony is that the only reason interference or even review is because last year’s NFC championship game when the Saints lost sheep after Under the auspices of the crew missed a blatant pass interferenceIn Los Angeles David Nickell Robbie Coleman hit TommyLee Lewis before the ball arrived.

The dispute led to the rule change in the off-season, which ultimately Allow coaches to challenge pass interference calls(no calls)during the 2019 season. Over the past year, the rules turned into a week of controversy, the United States Football League, the dispute might not go any time soon due to the fact that the Saints are the ugly end of a no-call for the second year in a row.

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