The rule of law is to be burned, because’moderate’Republicans to remain silent

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Attorney General William Barr to listen to the President of Donald Trump while in the Oval Office before signing an Executive about the regulation of social media May 28, 2020. (Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Non-horse plus Republicans, they George Conway style”Never Trumpers”or Romney type conservatives support 90%of Trump’s policy, but don’t like wearing hats, try to distance themselves from the most outrageous lawlessness of the ACE system. They furrow their brows, or in the Chairman of Twitter, he or one of his men to lie or commit crimes.

However, these Republicans, seemingly well-meaning people, are never in there to support the rule of law, their support can make a difference. They just show up after the fact: the law has been broken or neglected after Trump men’s job, so they can do real damage. When the King nominated these people will only help him avoid or escape the laws of these so-called”good”of the Republican Party are nowhere to be found.

Michael Flynn, William Barr, and Neomi Rao(Clarence Thomas’s assistant plucked to fill Brett Kavanaugh of the seat in the district of Columbia Court of Appeals)is all part of the same rot. They all think that, to achieve the supremacy of the Republican agenda of justification of any means, including fraud and corruption. Now, these three have a conspiracy to undermine the rule of Law, Never Trumpers appear concern, again. But prominent Republicans are concerned about today did not say when these obvious bad behavior is nominated for their positions.

The consequences of allowing these particular people to gain power is now apparent. Michael Flynn lied to FBI investigators about his conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. I know this is true because Flynn admitted to lying a plea agreement. People lie to the FBI should be in jail.

But in the Barr help short-circuit the Robert Mueller investigation, Flynn withdrew his request for the transaction. Under normal circumstances, to withdraw a guilty plea will lead to the Prosecutor lowered the fire of hell: the law system is not good, when people return to their requested transaction. However, Barr went in the opposite direction and decided to abandon the government’s case against Flynn. This is a corruption of the mobile, and the District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan of the requirements, briefing and explanation of the government for its decision not to prosecute admitted liar. Sullivan refused to dismiss the case against Flynn, until the government provides a non-damaged reasons for the dismissal of the case.

Yesterday, Sullivan request more information, whether by the three-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit. Neomi Rao wrote the decision for the majority(which included Judges Karen Henderson, George W. Bush appointees). Her ruling was unprecedented: she has basically ordered by Judge Sullivan to the rules of the Flynn should win his motion to dismiss before Judge Sullivan has issued a ruling in the motion. It’s like Rao handed out a speeding ticket to the person sitting in a parked car, because she does not like them to open the engine.

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