The Phantom haunts the socialist Mike Pence

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Vice-Chairman Mike Pence in the White House. (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Vice-Chairman Mike Pence made another desperate campaign swing through the battleground state of Wisconsin, hoping to revive the declining fortunes of the Republican Party, and he and the President of the Aces are turned into racism, xenophobia, economic inequality and the exclusion of science, is currently threatening all Americans.

In the attempt to reconnect with the better angels of the Republican,Pence traveled to the University town of Ripon, the party founded in 1854.

Where he is now familiar with the composure, the Vice-Chairman to provide a false narrative that is not is not only a contemporary reality, but the United States history.

“The American people make a choice. And select Never clear and the stakes of the major is unprecedented,”announced the Vice-presidents in what is called a major address on 17. “I came here to the city of Ripon, Wisconsin, where the Republican Party was born, to describe such a choice.”

In his statement, the time of mass unemployment, the layoffs, the hot income inequality and suffering loss of income and livelihoods of farmers and small business owners, penny declared,”our economic recovery is on the ballot, but it is also something more fundamental and basic in our country.”

If the”economic recovery”, because it is currently the only on the ballot, ACE, and Penny will lead to an overwhelming defeat.

This may explain why the Vice President chose to emphasize what he called his”far more fundamental and basic”concerns.

Unfortunately for penny, he got tripped up by ignoring his own party’s history.

“Like those first Republicans,”he chirps,”we stand at a crossroads of the free. Before us are two roads: one based on dignity and respect for each individual, and the other the growing control of the state. Our road leads to greater freedom and opportunity. Their road leads to socialism reduced.”

Penny is trying to show that”Joe Biden will set Africa on the path of socialism and to refuse”—if you know anything about the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate’s record is absurd. Biden beat this year’s democratic socialist prospects, Bernard Sanders of nomination. This is true, the former Vice President and Senator from Vermont has found some common ground, but Penny’s attempt to portray Biden’s politically easy to do who have”surrendered to the radical left-wing mob”is a huge rewrite reality.

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