The Pentagon’s Office of continued failure’to provide answers about’Spygate’figure Stefan Halper

A Top Republican senators said the Pentagon’s Office of”continued failure”to assist him in properly in his investigation of”Spygate”figure Stefan Halper and controversial FBI informant role in the Russian investigation.

Sen. Chuck Grassley,Iowa Republican Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee sent a letter to James Baker, the Director of the Department of Defense Office of net assessment, he said his office is”continually failed to provide the requested records”related to Halper, during the”investigation improper handling of the Russian investigation.”

The Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on investigation into the Russian said the FBI’s concealment of the important information provided Halper,a confidential human source who is called The”Source 2.” Halper,75, a Virginia resident and University Professor, worked as FBI informant in 2016 and record a discussion of at least three ACE members of the movement’s campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos movement with Carter, Page, and campaign co-chair Sam Clovis. While Halper as the FBI, he received thousands of dollars from the Pentagon.

Grassley to push Baker for the answer in January received a letter that he considered lacking. He now want to answer again claiming,”it seems, whether Ona had refused to comply with my request or she just does not maintain a complete record of Halper’s work.”

A Defense Department audit in 2019, found that more than $ 1 million contract awarded Halper, between 2012 and 2018, she could not provide”enough”of the file whether Halper is doing research work, they were hired to do. ONA is touted as the Pentagon’s”deep, long-term future of the mind”.

When Halper as an FBI informant was leaked to the media in May 2018, it leads to allegations of ACE and Republicans, the Obama administration use Halper as part of the illegal efforts to monitor the ACE’s movement, known as”Spygate”and later”Obamagate”allies of the President.

“On what date did you aware of Halper’s role in Crossfire Hurricane? How do you know?” Grassley’s February letter required Baker.

Grassley first asked Baker whether Halper with the Pentagon’s funding of recruitment derived from the FBI’s investigation,”the now debunked theory of”ACE-Russian collusion, she said, if Halper have done so”would have been illegal.”

Grassley is also pushing for more answers about Halper’s relationship with Russian intelligence officials, Vyacheslav Trubnikov, asking whether it is possible to lead to”biased and unreliable information”makes its way into Halper’s work the funding through the Pentagon.

Beck has repeatedly told Grassley that Ona’s Security Service found”no derogatory information”Halper and claimed,”we don’t know of any purported relationship”between Halper and Trou cloth Melnikov.

Grassley this reaction is referred to as”no reaction to my question.” Senators have more questions:”can the relationship between a contractor and a source indicated that a deliverable may be contaminated by inaccurate or misleading information, in particular, is a source that is known to intelligence officials of foreign States hostile to the government? If not, why not?”

Baker’s right to ignorance about the”purported relationship”between Halper and Trou cloth Melnikov seems to be betrayed by de Gaulle cloth Melnikov was invited by Halper said in his Cambridge workshops in 2012 and 2015, as well as recently declassified transcripts show Halper records Russia-related discussions with Papadopoulos began with the Halper name-drops high-level Russian officials, including Trudeau cloth Melnikov.

“I have many friends in Russia,”Halper said. “One of them is glorious Truvnikoff(sic). You know Truvnikoff? Truvnikoff is the Director of the KGB and FSB.”

Halper said Papadopoulos:”I took him to The Conversation(an excerpt)to talk to us about how their intelligence services work.”

“He was very forthcoming,”Halper said. “He is retired. …He is a private citizen, but he really inserted. Know lot. And is very beneficial in various ways. …He’s like a real swordsman.”

Noted by State Department officials, Kathleen Kavalec next 2016 meeting display, the British ex-spy Christopher Steele told her Trou cloth Melnikov is”involved”in a collusion effort between the Trump and the Kremlin, with the previous Trump’s campaign Manager Paul Manafort as the”middleman”

The special adviser to Robert Miller, who took the FBI counter-intelligence investigation of the relationship between the Trump’s activities and the Kremlin, concluded that the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, but did not establish any criminal conspiracy between the two.

Grassley said Halper Trou cloth Melnikov listed as”consultants and advisors”for a 2015 paper Halper worked in the ONA.

In his lengthy report released in December, Horowitz concluded the FBI”omit”Papadopoulos recording the statement of Halper month in 2016″deny any person associated with the ACE sports cooperation with Russia or with outside groups like Wikileaks.”

Haper Organization of the Cambridge University Intelligence Seminar, a gathering of academics and intelligence officials, in addition to Sir Richard Dearlove, a former Director of MI6 who has spent decades with the British spy Agency. Steele, he was employed in the integration of GPS by the Clinton campaign and the creation of the defective archival material for obtaining the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant for Target King partner, was in MI6 from 1987 to 2009. Dearlove, who left in 2004, called Steele’s reputation for”first class.”

The recent decryption of the footnote indicates that the Steele archives may have been compromised by Russian disinformation.

Svetlana Lokhova, a Russian-born British citizen, the requirements in 2019 proceedings, Halper”into an innocent woman,”Lokhova yourself,”in a plot to undo the 2016 presidential elections” in. Halper asked a Federal court, the requirements of labeling him a”spy”and”rat f—-er,”was dismissed his accuser been recognised by the judges. The lawsuit was dismissed, but Lokhova appeal.

Lokhova attended the Cambridge seminar in 2014, also attended by Michael Flynn, then President Barack Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency Director, who later played a prominent role in Donald Trump’s event and swept the Mueller investigation. Lokhova participated in as a graduate and right Halper with this dinner as an excuse to spread the false rumor that her and Flynn.

Halper responded that Lokhova’s allegations are”false”and referred to her allegations of a coup for the Celestron as”implausible conspiracy theory.”

Grassley also wanted to know if Baker or any of the people in her had to be involved in any leak of information Flynn of the news media.

Last month, Defense officials deny the accusations, Beck, disclosure of confidential information The Washington Post Columnist David Ignatius about Flynn’s conversation with then-Russian diplomat Sergei Keighley Kerouac.

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell in response to a November court filing, the Said Baker is”believed”to be behind the leak.

Grassley’s letter asked:”you have not provided any information about any of the Flynn-Keith Leah G appealed to the media? If so, what kind of information?”

United States Attorney John Durham of Connecticut is classified the leak as part of his investigation of Trump-Russian investigators.

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