The Mandalorian’ Ep 1 has a great Dave Filoni story

Star Wars expert and'Mandalorian'Director couldn't believe his ears when Lucasfilm first reached him.

Star Wars expert and’Mandalorian’Director couldn’t believe his ears when Lucasfilm first reached him.

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The Disney Gallery: Mandalorian Is an eight-part docuseries about the making of Star Wars: Mandalorian. Its the first episode, which premiered on Star Wars Day(May the fourth with you), focus on the Board of Directors has contributed their talent to the hit show’s Season 1 episodes.

Some Directors are Dave*Phil Rodney, a legendary Lucasfilm worked in some capacity on every Star Wars project since 2008 The Clone Wars Movie series. In The Disney Gallery: MandalorianHe revealed that he almost blew up his chance to work on any of the Star Wars plan…because he believes that his first call from Lucasfilm Ltd is a prank.

Before getting a Philo-Thani called in for an interview the work The Clone Wars He is one of the picture on Nick’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. His colleague Nick know that he is a huge Star Wars fan, so when he received a call from Lucasfilm Animation(yet to be announced for the expansion of Lucasfilm’s live action project), he assumes that this is the”guy from SpongeBob”pulling his leg:

“Someone from Lucasfilm Animation and I’m like, no Lucasfilm Animation.’ I think I have been so excited Revenge of the Sith Come out and say it all the time, you from SpongeBob Don’t spoil my stamp on the Star Wars. So I think this is a prank call…you get so tired of being selected on the you just like, this is SpongeBob Guys, I know it.’ And I’m like,’Oh, so you’re doing The Clone WarsBut you already did that, right?”

Philip Rodney laugh when he tells the story of how skeptical he is in a call, only to realize the producer’s behavior is telling the truth after he did what he assumes is a prank, the appointment for the”interview”and”George Lucas.”

Thankfully, he kept the appointment and impressed Lucas so much that he became a series Creator, Executive producer, voice actor and Director, over the last ten years of the iconic Star Wars Story. Take the guys from SpongeBob.

The Disney Gallery: a Mandalorian is now streaming In Disney+.

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