The main 2020: a catalyst conversion

Through a combination of development and operations, which bridge between developers of the divide and its operations, some of the power and scalability of the mainframe, State Farm is speeding up development and provide basic application. For example, to shorten the time required to test a new version of its claims system, the system allows insurance agents to handle claims anywhere in North America, from two months to two weeks. “Our efforts to deploy the solution very fast speed, to meet the digital conversion needs,”said Krupal Swami, the state-owned farm technology and structure of the Director.

State Farm is not the only financial institutions to rely on the host can be more quickly, innovation and flexibility. For many of today’s financial institutions, including innovative tools and an agile approach is more sensible strategy—it is a means of survival. Customers now expect your personalized experience to meet their banking preferences and expectations of their unique needs. Flexible and innovative competitors, including fintechs and word Banks, is being re-defined sector. More organizations are in the cloud, the expansion of the security threat landscape. And the rapid advance of technology, such as artificial intelligence and the block chain, financial institutions are required to operate with unprecedented speed and scale.

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