The Mac Pro is an important flag, but you probably shouldn’t buy it

The new Mac Pro is coming very, very soon—in the next few weeks, if we keep the Apple to the astronomical definition of”coming this fall.” It is safe to say that this is the most anticipated Mac in history—if only because its existence is pre-announced, more than two and a half years ago, with the specific case six months ago.

The Mac Pro is important, it’s the platform definition. Unless you are somebody in extremely high-end Mac market, you will never use one. This is a bundle of expectations built on a precision stainless steel space frame and jacket in the machining of the aluminum housing.

What the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is, more than anything else, a sign. I’ve seen it likened to a halo car from a car manufacturer—an expensive and largely impractical vehicles, almost no one will buy it, but it still makes consumers more keen on this brand.

There’s something. Back in 2017, people really questioned Apple’s commitment. Arrival of difficult to receive the laptop re-design plus Mac affinity Mac Mini-model, there is no update years. This led to Apple’s significant mobile call journalists to Cupertino to emphasize its commitment.

There was a time, Apple’s high-end tower computer is a mainstream Mac, the choice of the professionals, Yes, okay, who want more power than the consumer Mac can provide. But over time, the iMac is from a low-end, low-cost consumer Mac into a powerful desktop system to provide more enough power for almost any use.


This means that the Mac Pro to fill a slot, used in the sense of a whole lot of Mac users, even if it is not a computer, they would consider buying today. I don’t think the Mac Pro has lost its as a symbol of everything the Mac can, a representative of Apple’s commitment to pushing the platform forward.

Apple Final Cut Pro x mac Pro Apple

Then there is the high-end professional market, one that has been hungry for a re-imagined Mac Pro for many years. Yes, over the years, many Apple users have realized that the other Mac there may be more than adequately address their needs. The new Mac Mini and iMac Pro can get almost everyone has—and 16-inch it offers similar performance in a portable. But there are still users at the highest end of the required power and performance, expansion capability, they are not satisfied.

Does Apple need these users? It may just wash their hands of the high-end market, especially video products, and survive?

It may. And Mac can withstand the outflow. (In fact, it is a miracle that anyone is left taking into account the high-end Apple hardware after the past six years.) But to lose the entire high-end creative professional society or symbolic–in a bad way. High-end creative workflow is what saved the Mac from extinction in the dark days of the late 1990s. Mac has been identified as a tool for creative work.

At the same time I bet most of Apple’s Mac revenue from people using the Apple computers in the e-mail and word processing and web browsing, there is no processing of the 8K TV, Matters A Mac can handle it.

If you are a person of the need to 8Pci slots, 28 cores, 1.5 TB RAM, or any other things that make the Mac Pro”extreme ways”Well, okay, the Mac Pro is primarily a symbol. It can also be used as the most powerful Mac ever, by far.

What the Mac Pro is not

The Mac Pro is not a computer you should buy. We still don’t know the details of the Mac Pro’s price, but the thing you want to spend a lot of and it requires an external monitor. You want to pair such a device with a small, ignoring the retina display? Of course not. The price to upgrade, especially if match Apple’s Pro display XDR. (Which is, by the way, rather than a display, you should buy.)

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