The legend behind that powerful lightsaber in ‘The Mandalorian’ finale

Spoilers, and answers, go ahead!

Given how good The Mandalorian Keep baby Yoda a secret all the way until it’s premiere, which is not surprising, this shows that the maximum of the distortion is unknown, until it reaches the drop everyone’s jaws in the finals the last few seconds. This is a twisted, Jain Carlo Esposito is the evil character Governor Gideon in some way to master the fun of looking for any of the lightsaber The Clone Wars Or Star Wars: Rebels Fans will recognize as the legendary Darksaber, completely re-calibration of what we know about his character. It also blew open a huge world of the myth the possibility of The Mandalorian Season 2.

First question, What is the Darksaber?

The Darksaber is a unique sword forged Tarre-dimensional, the first Mandalorian Jedi, a Millennium before the events Star Wars. No one knows why the dimensional sword is so funky, but its square-ish hilt, black and swordlike shape is only the beginning of what makes it special. It reacts oddly enough, other lightsaber blades and credible channel of powerful energy, based on its owner’s emotion, which is a very endless to samurai-like property has a sword.

After Tarre dimensional death, the Jedi Knight kept his sword until the Mandalorians and the Jedi go to war in conflict with each other Jun mechanic mentioned The Mandalorian Ending by referring to the”sorcerer called Jedi”as their people’s historical enemies. In that war, members of the House dimension(Mandalorian houses a bit like Game Of Thrones The House, however their relationship is of a political nature, rather than the family)stole the Darksaber and use it as a Jedi-killing weapons, consolidate their power as the ruling House of the Mandalore.

Further conflict after the Darksaber through its history, but it is important, waving Darksaber become a symbol of strength and domination of all Mandalorians.

Further conflict, right? Sounds like a story.

Yeah there are a lot of stories, some of which may be important to consider the Darksaber is now the Governor of Gideon, a former Imperial officials participated in the purges of the event, forcing us to Mandalorian tribe into hiding.

Summary Darksaber more recent history, home maintenance still have it until the events of The Clone Wars, when their leaders before Vista lost it in a battle to the death with Darth Maul. Darth Maul is then assumed that the electric Death Watch, pre-dimension of the set of Mandalorian Warriors mission, and trying to take over Mandalore sword, and death to watch over his side.

Darth Maul after the Darksaber in his collection of Jedi and West Swindon, which is restored by Sabine Wren, the Mandalorian rebel of his family is aligned with the housing dimension.

Sabine briefly wielding the Darksaber although she is not a Jedi, but voluntarily gave it to a woman named wave Katan Kryze, a Mandalorian from the House Kryze who use the sword as a symbol of solidarity Mandalore against the Empire in the years before the event Star Wars: A New Hope. Bo-Katan is the last one to know all the Darksaber…until now.

How Governor Gideon get the Darksaber from Bo-Katan Kryze?

He may have killed her. The Darksaber history can only be passed to a new owner if the previous owner lost it in a fatal blow(sa Rennes surrendered, this is one of the rare non-violent moment in their succession), and therefore Gideon waving the Blade looks bad better Bo-Katan.

This is related to the event referenced in the The MandalorianThe specific”cleansing”of the Mandalorian people lose their supply of the sacred beskar Steel Empire. The same battle-slash-Slaughter sent before the era of the Mandalorians in hiding is possible to connect the Bo-Katan loss Darksaber(and war)to Empire, to offer her a planet of the ancestors of the sword of power in the hands of an Imperial official such as the Governor in Gideon process.

This is nothing to do We Mandalorian, Din Djarin?

More than you might think! Din Djarin the episode 8 flashback, explaining how he was later rescued and raised by the Mandalorians contains a clue why Darksaber is very important The Mandalorian‘s story. The Mandos, save him from the separatist attack on his home bears a familiar stamp in their blue armor…the emblems of the Houses of the dimension of death table.

Whether his rescuers ally Darth Maul is unknown at this time, due to some Vizslas refused to work with the wounded. But in fact, the Din Djarin the Mandalorian”father”is the ally of the house is forged Darksaber, and use it to rule Mandalore generations have significantly of Season 2.

Showrunner Jon Fanvreu has confirmed The Mandalorian Season 2 will arrive in Disney+in Fall 2020. Until then, Mando fans will have to content themselves with all the wild, fun to guess and baby Yoda because they can stuff into hiatus. This is Star Wars after all. This is the way.

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