‘The Hobbit’ is getting a new audio book edition read by Andy Serkis

If we need an excuse to dive back into Tolkien’s The HobbitThe new version of the audio book of the prelude The Lord of the Rings Read by Andy Serkis is opening in September.

To tease the release of this version The Hobbit,Collins Publishers published a period of Serkis of the narrative, in the beginning of this book. It’s just two minutes of the book’s total of 7 hours and 40 minutes of run time and it sounds great.

Serkis portrayed Gollum of Peter Jackson to the The Lord of the Rings The third and second unit Director The Hobbit Trilogy so he is certainly not a stranger to the Earth. Plus he’s got a voice just seems to fit this story very well.

He is also not a stranger to read The Hobbit Out loud. Back in May his reading during a charity Live Stream, and he also applies to his grunt sound book with funny effects.


You can book a version of the Serkis of the The Hobbit Now.

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