The government of Justice announced a$1.3 M Fair, Festival of the relief of cancellation after

West Virginia fairs and festivals will receive 1. 3 trillion bailout after regulations forced them to cancel or significantly reduce the capacity of Governor Jim judge said Monday.

The exhibition and the festival was originally meant to open state during the second stage, but in response to the rise COVID-19 case, two weeks ago, just reduce the capacity of the social gathering, from 100 to 25, and effectively shut down most of these events. An event can only go if it can maintain its capacity, in 25 and make sure that the people of the social distancing of six feet away.

Because fair and music festival was originally planned to open higher capacity in the second stage, the judge said that many of them have already spent money on down payments and plan expenses. Most importantly, he said, the exhibition and the festival may need to return some 1. 3 trillion allocated to the General Assembly, if they do not hold any events this year.

Justice estimates that about half of the National Exhibition and festival will be in risk of closing permanently, which requires a $ 1. 3 million bailout of about 400 exhibitions and festivals of the state.

“We can’t have that happen,”justice said.

Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner West Virginia division of culture and history, thanks to judicial funding, he said will help keep the surgery going. He said that the exhibition and the festival are essential to developing the communities and the economies of some smaller counties.

West Virginia has seen a boost in the Daily case, this month after the country began to re-open its economy. In a recent 13-day summary, the state has at least 95 new cases each day, in the month of July, most of the time have more than 100 new cases. The day before yesterday, the largest number of cases per day 75.

The state has 1,702 activities.

West Virginia has the Church related to the outbreak in eight different countries, has infected 137 people. The judge said, the Church is an easy place to spread the virus, especially the elderly. He urged people to wear face covering, social distance and sit in an empty Pew between the families.

Justice encourages everyone in the state to follow guidelines for social distancing and covering the surface to stop the rise of the trend situation.

“For those of you that do not like wearing a mask, just think how uncomfortable it will be wearing a breathing machine,”Justice said.

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