The five-year pursuit of the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

The video game character Solid Snake, famous for the violence, the display of contemplation.
Zoom / All the snake is said”Give Peace a chance.”

Almost five years have passed and the waves began to Real‘s nuclear disarmament, the metagame,the task of the game is the community and the elimination of every nuclear weapon created by the game play server. This week, players of the PS3 version of the MGSV Seems to have reached this long-term goal, to unlock all the scenes to congratulate them on a certain day that the role of Master Miller said, he”thought…will never come.”

Now, in the happy players behind disarmament are waiting to see if the waves will formally recognize their accomplishments is perhaps unravel some long-hinted at new content for five-year-old game.

Long promote peace

Organized MGSV Nuclear disarmament efforts have come in the years, first by the now-defunct metal outfit charity before you and more recently in MetalGearAntiNuclear you. Also, players will join together to discuss the attack on the Forward Operating Bases of the nuclear-equipped opponent MGSV‘s network server in order to steal, and then releasing these weapons to reduce the global total.

But interest disarmers have been distributed, and efforts in the face of continuing opposition from self-interested players who is encouraging the creation of nuclear weapons as a form of game in protection and deterrence. Both Waves The official number (The company stopped publicly updating years ago)and the unofficial count by a review of the server blade displays the history of disarmament progress, whether it is long-term stagnation or positive towards the rear over time, depending on the platform and the server(PS4 and Steam version of the game is still far from adequate for the disarmament of this writing).

For a brief moment, such a scene is impossible to see the upstream 3.

For a brief moment, such a scene is impossible to see the upstream 3.

“I think most people just give up, the fun has been sucked out after such a long time,”the player and independent VR game development Stefferp told Ars over the discord. “I think the whole thing is a big missed opportunity, people are really into this nuclear bomb’mini-games’in 2015, but the waves of interest gradually decreases over time and is very reluctant to talk about it eventually.”

Getting the band together

The latest Sprint under the comprehensive disarmament of the PS3 began in March, when the reference user TheHungHorse the use of coronavirus vaccine. as a pretext, began a jarring of the server Organization of a serious drive in the dedicated players. “First, nothing to do, because we simply do not have the numbers. But slowly our numbers grew to 60,70. It is touching to have everyone come together for this goal. I and several other members actually buy the PS3 copy(the Real)Just to help.”

Finally, 20 hardcore disarmers start a group direct message chain to coordinate their efforts and schedules. “We all disarm at the same time in this past month so we don’t have to worry about people taking numbers back up to what they used to be,”TheHungHorse said.

“This time it’s like a’right, let’s do this’mentality, maybe it’s because the game is approaching its fifth anniversary,”Stefferp told Ars. “Cooperation brings a fun post, I think.”

Due to the group’s coordination, the initial progress is very fast, with the PS3 the bomb counts down from more than 800 on 10 to 100 or less, the next week, according to a review of the blade. At this point, though, the group encountered what TheHungHorse suspect a hacker is determined to maintain the nuclear weapons count is high.

“Sometimes we’ll get up to 40 just to it immediately returns to 60,”he said. “So all in all, this is a lot of patience and trial and error. Considering we do not have access to these tools used against us, it’s really a miracle that we get it down to zero.”


To unlock the cut scene after the PS3 disarmament, as by publishing Stefferp. Note congratulations to the list of user name at the end.

Hack side, the normal players but also cause headaches of the disarmers. “I was…surprised at the activities of the PS3 player base is still,”Stefferp said. “We want to put nuclear weapons would be easy, but people will take revenge of all time(striking back against the player who stole their nuclear weapons). This is an old console, but it is still in use quite a lot of people. I think that’s pretty cool…2006 hardware, but still not vital.”

Disarm the armed groups also face a set of”nuclear weapons invincible”clearly appear the error caused by the in-game server code. These arms appear on the server for all players who do not have a Forward Operating Base-a logic is impossible, and also prevents other people to steal and disarm the spectre of weapons.

“My personal theory is these people have nuclear weapons, and then reset the save data, reset your FOB back to zero,”Stefferp told ARS(this, Stefferp suspect, is why the thought of nuclear weapons, the counter is still not showing a complete”down to zero”moment).

Wait for confirmation

The Phantom nuclear weapons or not, the disarmament panel was surprised to find that it efforts to return this week to activate all the scene announce a full disarmament. “We know we’ve got recently that happened on that day, but we don’t think we’ll actually do it,”TheHungHorse said.

The waves, for its part, is also not fully confirmed by the social victory just yet. “The elimination of nuclear event happened on the PS3 version MGSV: TPP From July 28, Japan time, but we are currently investigating this issue,”the Japanese official Metal Gear account Tweeted earlier this morning.

This investigation may be necessary before the players celebrate too much. This is because before an activation of the”General disarmament”of all the scene later determined was a false alarm.—once the player PC early 2018 and Again PS4 members in late 2018.

“We…we can confirm that the event is triggered when the nuke count does not reach zero,”the waves that day after a fake PC the disarmament of 2018. “We want to apologize for the inconvenience and assure you we will investigate the matter and take necessary action to avoid this in the future.”

Peace is the key?

Waves of confirmation may be more important than a simple Pat on the back, too. This is because many players are convinced that, in the game of disarmament is the inciting event that will lead to a new content locked in the game.

Evidence for this theory is indirect, but it’s hard to ignore. Back in 2016, for example, Konami community Manager Robert Peeler Targeted says He will”, and does not specify about what, if anything, the situation with nuclear disarmament.” The stripper, who is no longer as waves, Recently tweeted That his”(n)ot fixed, and if/how the waves will celebrate, but if legitimate, that is great. In this 5 year anniversary!”

Although MGSV Only two chapters, the data miners also found a title card”Chapter 3: peace”hidden in the game files. Some have been linked to a series of three mysteries, the three themes of the tweets ever made Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima back in 2016. Although there is no actual”Chapter 3,”content has been found hidden in the game disc, some doubt that the waves can be used to confirm the disarmament as a trigger patch content.

A title card on the data collected from the <em>MGSV</em> The code introduced a Chapter, some people think that you can unlock the next disarmament.”src=””width=”618″height=”378″/><figcaption class=

A title card on the data collected from the MGSV The code introduced a Chapter, some people think that you can unlock the next disarmament.

Such a blunt, to develop a method understand the DLC is not out of character Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima, who is famous Rummy game test. “I think there is definitely something to the disarmament thing, otherwise Konami wouldn’t”investigate”every time it is triggered,”Stefferp said.

TheHungHorse, for his part, considered that the actual trigger may involve disarmament and then to maintain the server disarmament of the length of the eight minutes of cut scenes in the run. Then, TheHungHorse suspect, may have”a secret cut scene the player instead of the Lynx to tell you but someone has to make nuclear weapons now.'”

“For me personally, I just want to answer these questions. All I want is the old debate MGSV‘s cut content in the end,”TheHungHorse continues. “Now, our next goal is to get nuclear weapons to zero, but for a long period of time in order to test some things out…now, though, we all take a break. We deserve it.

“Plus there have been other fans pick up where we left, because the’day of peace’ on.” “Glad to see this game is relevant.”

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