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If it has been some time because you play Apex legendsYou may want to spend some time to get back to the game this weekend. Starting today through the 24th, rebirth Entertainment is brought back to the King Canyon, Vertex‘s original map, as a separate playlist. More importantly, the Kings Canyon, which is available to play this weekend is the original launch version, not the adjustment variable of the formula, came to the game in the second season.

Reborn Kings Canyon game map pool when released Apex legends‘The third quarter last month. At the time, the Studio said that it will bring the map behind also have time to study”data, sentiment and feedback.” Thank you to a We Reports earlier in the month, we know that the rebirth plan to bring the level back, but at the time, it does not seem to occur until sometime in late March. This weekend event seemed to be a prelude to a more permanent return.

Source: Apex legends

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