The first volunteer to receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccine development at Imperial College London in the UK trial

The first volunteer in a UK trial has received an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by researchers at Imperial College London.

On its website, Imperial College explained that the health of the volunteers, he wished to remain anonymous, to give a vaccine in a medical facility in West London.

Imperial College said that the trial of the first test of a new self-amplifying RNA(Sana)vaccine technology. RNA is ribonucleic acid or the genetic material and Sana is touted as a way to bring revolutionary vaccine development.

UK coronavirus vaccine trials can provide 30 million doses of September, the government said

Imperial College of vaccine, the use of synthetic strands of genetic code on the basis of the virus. Once injected into the muscles of the body’s own cells indicates the production of a copy of spiky protein on coronavirus. This should in turn elicit an immune response so that the physical confrontation of any future COVID-19 infection.

The trial has received more than$51 billion dollars from the British government.

Some of the 15 healthy volunteers is in the initial stage of the trial, according to the Royal College. The beginning of the trial a low dose and increase to higher doses, for subsequent volunteers.

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a rapid test technique for the Cov

Imperial College said that in the coming weeks, 300 healthy participants expected to receive two doses of the vaccine. If this vaccine is safe and shows promising immune responses in humans, a larger trial will be planned for later this year, according to the researchers.

Other vaccine trials using different technology is also being carried out.

The University of Oxford has recently started an advanced study involving 10,000 volunteers, and the United States are preparing for even more large-scale studies, in May, involving 30,000 people, each experiment with different candidates, including Oxford University and one by the National Institute of Health and modern.

CoV is in Northern Italy, officials revealed that after wastewater research

At least 308 000 people diagnosed the case, at least 43,165 people died, the UK has been the most severely affected countries-Cov epidemic, according to Johns Hopkins University in.

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Since Thursday morning, more than 9. 4 million-Cov cases have been diagnosed worldwide with over 2. 3 million in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins. This disease has been at least accounted for 483,247 number of deaths around the world, including at least 121,979 in the United States

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