The fate of the 2 of Swords is being re-balanced and get a new energy meter

By Stephany Nunneley,
Friday, 7 October 2020 20:53GMT

You is change sword of Fate 2.

Soon, 2 fate Players will find the sword there will be some damage to the amount of different attacks to change, as well as a wide variety of sword allowances to be adjusted.

According to the latest update from you, the team has heard the feedback sword functional and have plans to use the weapons more”temptation.”

This means that the weapons will be re-balanced, the user can look forward to a new energy meter can be achieved.

The sword will now have their own energy reserve, it will charge on its own. Don’t confuse the ammo capacity, the energy will now be more than a melee tank and is wielding, and will be used for”operations.”

All swords will now be able to cut, and then the light attacks will cycle an infinite number of combinations, in order to promote them in addition to the heavy attacks.

Speaking of heavy attacks, these will now be the consumer of the sword energy, but the attack will be more powerful when full. The air heavy attacks do not consume the sword in General, however, this will also be based on this sword is in use.

What will the use of the sword is guarding. Different guards have different consumption rates, damage resistance and behavior, you will need an ammunition began to caretaker. With this change, you hope that the players will use the protection of”smart”to protect yourself rather than it is usually underutilized. Stronghold has also been modified to”still allows the Titans to a unique guard experience.”


In addition, more sword attacks will now be able to bypass the portion of the element shield. This is added to provide a point of difference from the shotgun they share a similar role in combat as the Eighties of the twentieth century weapons.

You say it will cover more of the changes, the future capacity of the weapons, some of which will focus on the two prosperity and absolute volume of the head.

Next week, the annual Crimson day event returns to Destiny 2, you can expect all kinds of new items and some returning favorites.

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