The dinosaurs may have to turn to cannibalism in Hard Times, study shows

Some of the dinosaurs have been facing a resource scarce environment, in today’s Colorado to take the clear and possible cannibalism, a new study shows.

According to a study published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE, the teeth marks in the minerals of the bones show ancient beast’of the diet, which may include a type of dinosaur turning its own kind of food.

Stephanie Drumheller, the staff of the paleontology Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and her colleagues found that almost 29%of 2,368 since reviewed the bones from the Mygatt-Moore quarry in Colorado can be traced back to about 150 million years ago, bore the bites of theropod dinosaurs.

The author believes that large blocks of bites may be caused by large carnivores Allosaurus, the most common theropod found in quarries on the basis of the damage left by the jagged edges of the dinosaur’s teeth.

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Some dinosaurs may have resorted to cannibalism, a new study reveals. (Illustration by Brian Engh(

Some dinosaurs may have resorted to cannibalism, a new study reveals. (Illustration by Brian Engh(
(Illustration by Brian Engh(

“Large theropods like Allosaurus may not particularly picky people, especially if their environment has constraints of resources. Clean and even cannibalism is definitely on the table,”Drumheller explained in a statement.

According to the researchers work, about 17% Yes bites, theropod dinosaur bones on the other theropods, and about half of those bites for the less nutritious parts of the body, which indicates that the action of clearing following the arrival of best position to understand or be eaten early predators.

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Since many speculated that the Allosaurus bite was found on the bones of other Allosaurus dinosaurs, they may represent evidence of dinosaur cannibalism, the researchers said.

The high incidence of removal may be the result of a stressed ecosystem of large predators suffer from a shortage of food, according to the study.

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