The DeanBeat: how to have peace of mind in the face of multiple crises

This week started out difficult as any I can remember in the game, when it ends to remind us why in this business.

These allegations of sexual harassment in the explosion after prominent video game writer Chris Avellone was accused of harassment of women in the industry. Within a few days, he lost two major homework Gato Watts Hz is Waylanders role-playing game and Techland’s Dying Light 2. Fast action inspired by the other survivors of the ill-treatment and harassment of mostly women to come forward.

268 the plurality of stories is listed on a media release about these allegations. It has affected all parts of the industry: developers, marketing, PR personnel,influential people, game journalists, livestreamers, large companies(blue)and small. Many of the names are familiar. The two people I consider friends are accused of, although I have no personal knowledge of what happened in their cases.

Perhaps the most prominent person, the accused is Ashraf Ismail, the creative Director from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed:Valhalla. He stepped down from his role while an apology following the allegations. Not all cases will be handled so quickly. Some people think that is appropriate, because justice must be fair and appropriate procedures must be Service. But other people think it is a kind of sweep things under the carpet, as the human resources investigation has a history of just drift away. I feel like we are starting a new time.

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Our triple whammy

This latest outbreak is full-blown crisis, years in the making, it is boiling a separate black life in the issue of the unrest and the Cov of the crisis, is the fight against our comprehensive holes, and once, because we are presided over by a President who only knows how to make things worse. I’m angry, the sacrifice we had for three months, thousands of people lost their jobs and locked in the isolation region, and has been for naught, our leaders fail us, and trying to open too earlier of the second wave. We have a cascade of crisis. The triple blow. It’s enough to make you crazy—but also makes you hopeful about the change.

Xbox series The X on the one hand and in the other.

Above:Asssassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Image credit: Phet

I won’t say how angry you should be, you should ignore these crises, all of which are legitimately scary. Here’s a secret. They intimidate me, a hardened journalist. The relentless bad news takes its toll, I just want to turn it off. But I can’t do that. I write publicly. I must bear witness to our triumph and our tragedy, and now a tragedy is fast. As a member, I think, we should be steadfast. But I also believe we need to take care of themselves and after the interaction.

Doctor my eyes

Proof is a difficult thing. As Jackson Browne once sang,”doctor my eyes. Tell me what is wrong. Was I unwise to leave them for so long.”

I can have a bad day. But here are a few things I learned relating to pick your own. I hope they can help others cope with these time.

Above: Real or crazy? It’s all too real Senua in Hellblade.

Image credit:Ninja Theory

I do not believe that putting the professional obstacles, pretend these bad things don’t affect me. Them to do so. When the pressure in the spine, my face. I protect those who are close to me. I wear a mask and stay at home. I tell my three daughters don’t worry, fear is the heart killer. I like that”series of counter-fear”from Frank Herbert’s Dune novel, because it says so much about what you can control yourself. Fear can paralyze you and prevent you from doing what you must to prevent further injury. But if you acknowledge it and let it pass, it will go and you will remain the same.

It’s like a little prayer, let me peace of mind. I use it because it works for me. If you can find something that works for you, then use it. When we are in a state of fear, we are not operating at our best. We make mistakes and make decisions based on the things we don’t want to happen, rather than in the things we want to happen. It is best to make decisions when you’re calm and can see clearly.

The video game is also a Savior. I also play the game and let yourself calm down, or maybe distract myself. Call of duty: the war zone has been a godsend, as a new game, so I accepted. I like and friend chat on MIC as we play. It makes playing a game becomes a social experience.

Call Of Duty: Warzone.

Above the theatre is a moving Blizzard big game.

Image Credit: move Blizzard

I also played The Last Of Us Part II, this is perhaps the most violent game I’ve played in a long time. Although it is about a pandemic, it is oddly cathartic to play. I combined my daughter play this game, this is as close to a work of art of any game has come. This give me a break, between work and reading about the tragedy. This is not to put my head buried in the sand. It is about to get a little relief before I have to go back to our cursed reality.

In the past, I have a great pleasure from traveling the world. I can’t do it anymore. This makes it difficult to meet new people. This makes it very difficult to collect little anecdotes to our readers in-depth understanding of whom we write. But most of the time, when I do interviews with people, I open my camera zoom called, they also do so. I wait until their lives, depending on how they set up their rooms at home. It feels like I can get to know them better this way. Almost like I see them in person, this is what I miss about the trip. This is why I like to do some recent round tables and hosted our recent GamesBeat Summit event. I always feel better when I feel like I’m part of the community. When the narrowing of the meetings get too much I need a real short break, I look at my little hand-held Tamagotchi, to see if it needs anything.

Above: Ellie is having a bad day.

Image credit: Naughty Dog

Now I exercise. Finally I went to the Cov of the blockade, the beginning is my gym. I have to go every day of the week. But at the time the blockade began, I started Jogging. That’s something I haven’t done more than ten years. But I’m struggling with this habit. I ran a little farther every day, a little faster.

The last 105 days of the blockade, our Jogging 101 days. In the days I missed, I rode my exercise bike a couple of times, and I play the game for too long on the other two occasions. I’ve lost seven pounds, but I also eat a lot, so did not lose more. I can now run more than two miles on 12. 5 minutes pace. It clears up my mind, 我可以听到书上 when I run. During an influenza pandemic, I’ve listened to The economic history of the world since 1400, The odd vicinity of the, One hundred years of solitudethat All of us see the light.

I feel good, and my family jokes that I have huge calves. But to make me feel better, I still get everything else done I need to do. I must keep this relentless pace, because the world has to throw something us relentlessly. I think I need to offset. If these things work for me, then I hope they can work for you. If I can inspire you to carry out your burden better, then make me happy.

Is good


I don’t think this is a match-mental health. It is not a new thing to brag about. I can’t celebrate feel better when other people feel bad. What works for me does not work for everyone, not everyone will be okay. When you feel bad, it can be annoying to hear someone give you advice on what will make you feel better. Sometimes you just need some time to pass.

But you should know you are not alone. We have been in a variety of ways to repel the things that haunt our minds. When you need to help you distress, when you need some mental health, seek help. My wealth of life and my family and be able to order them around all the time. Has been good for us, good for me. My mental state has its fluctuations, but I’ll never be alone and I’m never alone. This is a blessing, when I seek help, I can get it. This is important for humans, because we are social animals. People ask me how I’m doing and how I continue. In many ways, I never better. But I don’t do this on my own. You also should not be. Wherein the resources to help international summit on mental health awareness, take this stack up, and other people.

All of the tragedy through. A little rainbow of light yesterday as CD Projekt Red shows off Cyberbunk2077 the world. What better way to make us feel better about the game industry as troubled as it is than to show us a game that represents the best of what can be achieved. I love to see how the developers created a believable world we can all escape out of time this month. This leads me to believe that the coming year in November, we will have a lot of things to celebrate.

Is compassion. Yes, kind of. To the patient. Is true. Very good.

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