The ancient battlefield, the site of Hannibal’s first major victory, found in Spain, researchers say

An ancient battlefield considered to be the site of Hannibal’s first major victory has been found in Central Spain.

The Carthaginian General famous for leading his army and dozens of elephants to invade Italy. His daring trek across the Alps during the Second Punic war against Rome, which lasted from 218B C. 201B C

Before his aggression of Italy, however, Hannibal hit a number of warring in what is now Spain. Site near Driebes in the province of Guadalajara, has been identified as a possible location of the battle in the Tower Hall 220B, C, according to experts.

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Spain News ABC website reported that the location of the battle has long been a mystery, some of the different locations is recommended. Now, however, archaeologists have identified a site on a Roman Road, crossing the river terraces in the vicinity of the ancient settlement of Caraca.

Detail of the murals in the Han Hannibal riding an elephant, Italy, Rome, the National Theatre Museum.

Detail of the murals in the Han Hannibal riding an elephant, Italy, Rome, the National Theatre Museum.
(Photo by Photo12/UIG/Getty Images)

Researchers believe that the site also provides Hannibal and his Army outnumbered a key tactical advantage, according to El Pais. Hannibal, regarded as an important military tactic of the ancient world, cleverly put his 25,000-strong Carthaginian army and 40 elephants defensive positions ashore of river terraces beat 100, 000 people of the forces of the local tribes.

In their study, the experts explained that Hannibal’s army returns to its base Qart Hadasht, which is now today the Spanish city of Cartagena after the conquest of the cities of Helmantica(now modern Salamanca). The provisions of the spoils, Hannibal forces will take the fastest route back to Qart Hadasht, the Institute said, which would have taken them in Tahoe near Driebes.

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Temporary stabilization of the Ford is also a feature of that part of the river terraces, according to the researchers. Local tribes are considered useful for the ferry crossing to attack Hannibal’s forces, effectively into a trap where they are removed by the Carthaginian troops.

The researchers also identified the remains of a square or rectangular structure, it is believed that part of the fence of the design team, the tribe, through two ferry crossings in the Tahoe.

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In a translation of the study documents, the experts also pointed out that this seems to be a moat be found near the structure. “There is a Depression of about one meter(3.28 feet)together in the two N(North)and W(West)edge of the quadrilateral structure,”they explain. “This channel or depression may be related to digging trenches before the battle.”

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Other clues into Johnny pulled the military operations it has been found in recent years. In 2016, scientists say they may have unlocked one of the great puzzles of the ancient world, the microbial analysis from the horse manure to find where Hannibal and his army crossing the Alps.

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