The 2020 elections: Biden and Harris delivered the first speech together as the Democratic ticket in Delaware

Harris and Biden appear together for the first time in Delaware, one day after Biden’s selection the California Democrat as his running mate, making history as the first black woman and first person of Indian descent to participate in a major political party ticket.

In his speech, Harris sharply criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus to the popular comparison of life lost to the Ebola virus, of which there are two Americans to death, in front of President Barack Obama and the Joe Biden of the government. She also blasted Trump’s handling of the economic consequences caused by the crisis.

“He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Then, just like everything else, he had inherited, he ran it directly into the ground,”she said to ACE.

“This is what happens when we elect people just doesn’t work,”Harris said. “Our country is the end of shattered, and so did our reputation around the world.”

The two statements–the first Joe Biden, then Harris–served as the introduction to the New Democratic ticket. But they also provide a preview of Joe Biden, Harris and their attorney will attack the king and the Vice-Chairman Mike Pence of time in the office in a week’s virtual Democratic National Convention and in the sprint on the General election.

In the introduction to Harris*Mr. Biden said, the election brought the moral question that Americans must answer.

“Who are we as a country?” Biden said. “How do we stand? Most importantly, we want to do?”

Beau Biden’s role in the Democratic Party of the relationship

In his speech, Biden said he’d first learned about Harris through her relationship with her boyfriend Joe Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

“Kamala, you have honorary Biden for a long time”, he said as he introduced Harris.

Harris said that during the Great Recession, she served as California Attorney General and the Bo*Biden as Delaware Attorney General spoke on the phone daily-sometimes several times a day.

“I’m a fast learner, and Bo is the kind to inspire people to become a better version of itself. He’s the best of us. I will ask him, Where Did you get this, that this comes from, he has been talking about his dad,”she said. “The love they share is incredible watch. This is the most beautiful display between a father and son.”

Their comments stressed that the two candidates–publicly, at least-have put behind them Harris attacks Biden over his records, Colonel car transfer to the segregated school in a month 2019 Democratic presidential debate.

Biden said that with Harris now on the Democratic ticket,”the little black and brown girls often feel neglected and undervalued in their communities, but today, just maybe, they see themselves for the first time in a new way.”

Biden began his speech with the Wilmington first like to thank the other women in its activities to review for the Vice President pick before he chose Harris–the daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants-last week II.

“As a child of immigrants, her personal know how immigrants enrich our country,”he said. “Her story is the American story.”

Biden also lambasted ACE for immediately referring to Tuesday, Harris as a”hate phrase”The King has instructed the other women in the past.

“Anyone surprised that Donald Trump’s problem with a strong woman or strong women in the Board?” Biden said.

He added:”Kamala Harris has your back and now we must get her back. She will stand by me in this campaign, all of us will stand up for her.”

First day of campaigning together

On Wednesday, the first day, Biden and Harris to carry out promotional activities, and strive with the people. After Biden Harris Vice President of competition on the Democratic ticket last Tuesday, Harris came to Delaware last week three. Biden Harris and their spouses Jill Biden and Emerson Hall Doug met at Biden’s house before the speech, and is seen leaving the venue in separate SUVs.

Biden joked, Emerson Hall, too, must adjust his history of the state–if Joe Biden and Harry win-“United States second gentleman.”

It is unclear whether they will be able to continue activities together, some coronavirus pandemic limiting Biden’s ability to host the event in mid-March.

Next week’s Democratic National Convention will usually kick off a crazy two and a half months the dash on 3 elections, but the epidemic has limited the Joe Biden of the social distancing of the event, with the smaller crowd. He spent July to provide a weekly lecture, a detailed planks of his economic agenda.

After the speech, Biden and Harris set to appear together in an online fundraising campaign for the”primary”small-dollar donors last Wednesday night.

Asked by CNN if the two will campaign together, Biden said, after their statement on Wednesday,”if the section allows the United States, you’ll see our campaign together.”

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