The 15 best movies on Amazon Prime Video you can stream for free

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Are you making the maximum of the Amazon subscription?

Everyone knows the steering Prime Video rented or purchased at the request of the release, but if you don’t care for the service of Rotary film product, then you may be missing out on all the”free”things Prime Video get to you. Covers the popular version from last year, including many Oscar contenders, some of the older collections, the Prime Minister a video have a solid lineup of value to sort by.

However, people see the flow right away, here are 15 best free movies on Amazon Prime Video, curated for your convenience. You know, just to get you started.

15. A Simple Favor


According to Darcy Bell of the new of the same name, A Simple Favor Is a skinny, sexy, ridiculous Comedy Thriller from Paul Feig perfect for any occasion. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively headed for moms to connect through their son’s friendship, but quickly formed a deep bond far more durable. Think of a classroom decorated in line with the fashion week to meet the murder. This is great.

How Table: A Simple Favor Now includes free Prime Videos.

14. Dirty Dancing


“Nobody puts child in the corner.” Kick back, relax, and return to the 80’s with a screening of Emile Ardolino’s always the iconic movie Dirty Dancing. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze star as a young woman on vacation in Kiel and the fully raised dance teacher she loves. Oh, and when you inevitably try to improve after watching this? Maybe…no.

How Table: Dirty Dancing Now includes free Prime Videos.


Director Ari Aster’s the second feature-length film combines colorful dreams with scary mystical rituals for a completely engrossing horror experience. Half horror movie, half fantasy story book, Midsommar Not casual viewing. Save this when you have time to process. Then, it Genetic (Their Prime Video has too)a small company of movie marathon.

How Table: Midsommar Now includes free Prime Videos.


Want more of the A24? Add some Robert Eggers your queue and revel in the inexplicable mystery is Lighthouse. This black and white nightmare Special lead performances from Robert Pattinson and will Dafoe as two lighthouse keepers rising to the madness. Went about as well as you expect.

How Table: Lighthouse Now includes free Prime Videos.

11. Dear boy


By Shia LaBeouf, according to his own experience growing up Dear boy Is a surprisingly heartfelt and influential watch. Described in the life of a former child actor spiral into alcoholism, this semi-autobiographical work offers a deep insight into the pain and pressure of a man forced to develop in the public eye.

How Table: Dear boy Now includes free Prime Videos.

10. Marvel’s the Avengers


Start your hero’s journey again the article said the international field through the first The Avengers Movies. Of course, Disney+has the Marvel movies of any streaming service, so if you want to do a marathon, is the place to start. But if you don’t have, just want to relive the Battle of New York, then this is a good opportunity to do so. In addition, the Shawarma!

How Table: Marvel’s the Avengers Now includes free Prime Videos.


We are still waiting for the release of the Director General John Krasinski of the A Quiet Place, a second portion, Pushed back. 4 2020 Thank you for the coronavirus. But in the meantime, there is no reason we can’t speculate and theories about the terrorist since by back to the original. Just be sure to wear your most quiet of socks, and do some volume control. Don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

How Table: A Quiet Place Now includes free Prime Videos.

8. Eighth grade


Director of Bo Burnham and the star Durga dazzle in this timeless reflection on growth. Occasionally painful, but always spectacular narrative history of a 13-year-old girl last week in the middle school, the opportunity to clarify and re-imagine her future high school self.

How Table: Eighth grade Now includes free Prime Videos.

7. Clues


Clues Is a classic funny movie, you just can’t Not Stop. Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren, Colleen Camp, always a sign of the Tim library to bring together running around the house, make some of the best puns write and solve a murder like it’s a Board game.

How Table: Clues Now includes free Prime Videos.

6. Guava Island


Rihanna, Donald Glover leads in this dark joy of the music for the film of the journey. A vibrant mix of modern tracks and the eternal story(only a sprinkling of foreign exchange Atlanta Style), Guava Island Tells the story of oppression and resistance is always worth re-considering. If you haven’t seen it before, please time. In only 55 minutes, this is a steal.

How Table: Guava Island Now includes free Prime Videos.

5. Rocket guest


Taron Egerton leaves it all to the stage Director Dexter Fletcher of Elton John’s biopic. To reach the highest point and the lowest point, Rocket guest Is a roller coaster of emotional turmoil and unparalleled performances, somehow managing to impart a profound perspective on the legacy and stay true to yourself. To songs, mindfulness is broken. And sparkling. So much of the flash.

How Table: Rocket guest Now includes free Prime Videos.

4. In a cabin in the woods


If you have somehow managed to go your entire life without this movie spoiled your head, directly to the Prime Minister video. Do not pass go, do not collect $ 200, just go watch. If you haven’t, watch it again! There will never be a bad time to admire Joss Whedon’s unparalleled horror Comedy movie. It has intrigue, it’s got zombies, it’s got Chris Hemsworth on a motorcycle. Go out and rewatch it!

How Table: In a cabin in the woods Now includes free Prime Videos.


There are so many amazing Adam Driver movie of last year(as well as all the fight for the Oscars, no less), you may have missed The report. For Scott Z Burns, This play needs a chilling look at the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate CIA torture following the September 11 attacks. Supporting performances by Annette Bening, Jon Hamm,Michael C. Hall, and more make this ensemble effort worthy of praise.

How Table: The report Now includes free Prime Videos.

2. The last black man in San Francisco


In Director Joe Talbot’s feature film debut, causing Jimmy to fall and Jonathan’s professional the present of the friendship so compelling only one soft spot in your heart for it. Falls, play the semi-autobiographical versions of themselves, embark on a journey to recover his grandfather’s Victorian style home in the Universal gentrification.

How Table: The last black man in San Francisco Now includes free Prime Videos.

1. Knives out


Rian Johnson’s Academy Awards nominations whodunnit Knives out Check every box in a movie lovers list. It’s got Chris Evans bad boy in a sweater, Daniel Craig doing the worst accent you ever learn to accept that Ana de Armas is just Existing. Added Thrombey home for a healthy night framed in this delightful murder mystery.

How Table: Knives out Now includes free Prime Videos.

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