Tesla will start charging $ 10 a month for’high’in the vehicle data

It may not be quite as bad as it sounds. The only feature you’ll never have access to at the basic level(connectivity standard), the satellite maps and transport visuals. Streaming media, web browsing and Caraoke still can-you just need to connect to a wireless network, the use of them. You this suggests that you can recover most of the function, by using the phone’s data, despite the typical cap on the hotspot to use, so that it is impossible to rely only on your phone to get through Grand Tour Plot.

We asked Tesla if it can comment.

You can see this coming. Tesla spoke of the level change in June of last year, it began to display its own data caps. The company is clearly worried about the installation of the data costs, and it wanted to drive, to shoulder some of the burden. This is not a terrible burden on many Tesla customers. If you buy a luxury evaluate, you may spare $ 120 a year to have music and satellite data during your commute. However, this may be rough for some buyers. No charge data access functionality has been a major pull for many years, now the customer will have to accept these perks will sit behind a paywall.

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