Tesla code point of the absurd mode, better battery in Mode 3

Tesla’s Model 3 could get a few improvements based on some of the lines of code found by the eagle eyes Twitter users green.

Looking at Tesla software, Green found a couple of significant changes in the Model 3, which includes an inclusive The company’s ridiculous way And one of the options a 100 kWh batteryThis is a good upgrade from the car’s current provide more than 75kWh battery.

Of course, it is important to note that Tesla is not a stranger to change plans, their vehicles, and sometimes even is it the promise does not match reality(*cough*cybertruck windows).

With these findings, Green noted some other changes in the software, you can point to the new Select Model 3 buyers. There may be a new tire pressure sensor, new edge of the selection, the new selection of the glass roof and improved air circulation.

These hinted that the coming changes of the Model 3 coming just a month after the car was updated, in order to accelerate faster. If funny way to get added to Model 3, i.e., 0 to 60 can touch down to 2. 5-time current 3. 2 second, in the performance of the model and 4. 9 seconds on the mid-range.

(h/t addiction)

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