Tekashi6ix9ine get a light sentence after, to assist the Prosecutor

The judge sentenced the hip-hop star


Two years in Federal prison Wednesday for their roles in a racketeering conspiracy, but credited to the platinum-selling artist, his”impressive changes to the game, complete and courageous”testimony as a cooperating witness.

23-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, who was born

Daniel Hernandez,

Has been in prison for 13 months. He is expected to be released near the end of 2020, said the judge, will face five years of supervised release.

Hernandez Mr. pleaded guilty to racketeering charges earlier this year for a series of violent shootings and robbery committed by members of the Nine Trey gang Bloods, a notorious street gang.

The charges carried a mandatory minimum of 47 years. However, Federal prosecutors asked the judge,

Paul Englemayer,

Significantly reduce his sentence. Hernandez Mr. the testimony has helped prosecutors obtain convictions against two of his former gang affiliates and contribute to the charging of at least two other people.

“I share the government’s praise assessment of the assistance provided,”Mr. Englemayer during the period of the decision in Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in Manhattan.

Lance Lazzaro,

One of Mr. Hernandez’s lawyer, had hoped that the rapper’s decision to cooperate with the government, will result in his immediate release.

But the judge Englemayer include more than half of several shootings and robberies involving Miguel Hernandez Mr. In 2018, targeted other high-profile rappers, including de Hernandez Mr. Records mark partner Trippie from deforestation and forest degradation carbon emissions and Chicago rapper Chief Keef. The judge told Mr. Hernandez that he”refused to portrait of you as a passive participant.”

The shootings, which occurred near the popular areas around the city, including Times Square and the Barclays Center, is”too violent,”judge Englemayer said. If not for Mr. Hernandez because of his Nine Trey gangsta blood, they would not have taken place, the judge said.

“All these shootings and acts of intimidation have taken for you or for your benefit,”he said.

Hernandez Mr, identifiable by his rainbow colored hair and a face tattoo, rose to notoriety, and soon after, he released the music video for his 2017’s song”GUMMO”, which featured he and dozens of members of the Nine Trey Blood Dance of weapons and pounds of marijuana in front of a Brooklyn brownstone. The affiliation with the gang, Mr. Hernandez said, last Wednesday, to help put the letter to his rap career. In 2018, he released four platinum singles, became one of the most popular rappers in the country.

However, the Prosecutor said, in this day came to arrest him in December 2018, Mr. Hernandez, and feeling betrayed, the end of his contact in the gang on Instagram, and condemned the gang in an interview on The Breakfast Club, a popular hip-hop radio program.

Prosecutor Michael Longyear said Wednesday that Mr. Hernandez changes in the core affect the learning of the members of the gang is to steal money from him to do the show, one of them having a sexual relationship with the mother of his children.

Hernandez Mr. The apology in court on Wednesday for his”wrong choice”to contact the gangs and violence, it made a contribution.

“Whether I am the defence counsel of the telephone they experienced criminals”or”leech,’I let them. This is my decision,”he said.

In one day in custody, he struck a deal of cooperation with Federal prosecutors and met with them a few times.

And in three days of testimony this fall at the trial of his two co-accused, also Nine Trey members, Hernandez Mr. detailed the gang’s inner workings and portrayed himself as a bystander unwilling to a series of violent crimes throughout New York City.

The Prosecutor, the judge and Mr. Hernandez’s lawyers have admitted that Mr. Hernandez decided to prove to his ex-subsidiary bodies may mean that he will face threats to his life for the foreseeable future.

Hernandez, Mr. he recently signed a new multimillion-dollar record deal, has already said that he didn’t want to witness protection once released, so he could keep touring.

Reporter Tyler Blint-Welsh surname is misspelled Blint-Wlesh in an earlier version of this article.

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