Techworld launch of the art of the 2018 winner|emerging technology and innovation

Techworld is proud to announce the winners of their flagship art for the 2018 prize, celebrating its entrepreneurship, innovation and the destruction of the UK technology sector.

Representatives elected to the company gathered at a glitzy awards party on 22 November 2018 in M Kulm,Shoreditch science and Technology London the city hotel, where the winners are unveiled.

The art of the 2018 General

They are as follows:

  • Financial innovator of the year Divido
  • Edtech innovators of the year of the satchel
  • The best use of emerging technologies IPsoft
  • Innovative project of the year Ancoris
  • The best use of the AI enterprise Unbabel
  • The best place for developers to work dxw
  • The best place to work in technology Expedia
  • The best of the cloud technology of the year Natterbox
  • Best of data/data analysis techniques of the brightness
  • The best use of the test-yodel

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