T-Mobile’s parent company sued small businesses use red

It is T-Mobile on the color wheel—we just live in it.

We are reminded of this quite tedious reality, when the moving company is perhaps best known for it’s wild eyes and opening the former President, John Legere, issued a strange announcement: the fuck away from Magenta. You know, the kind of color that fall somewhere between purple, pink.

So reported National Public Radio, which noted that T-Mobile has a trademark on the purple-pink color and is not afraid of the threat of legal action against anyone who might stoop so low, that they can help themselves, especially the crayons from the mother nature of the box.

Specifically, this past summer, lawyers from T-Mobile’s parent company, German telecommunications company, according to reports, the fight against Daniel Schreiber, on National Public Radio notes the CEO of an insurance company and the name of the Lemonade, and told him that his company’s brand in violation of its trademark. Again, it should be the trademark in question is, in the color red—the official name for the pan rhodamine red U.

We found T-Mobile in an attempt to confirm the details of a National Public Radio report, as well as to determine what other company is T-Mobile afraid of this particular hue, but received no response as of news time.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the company, the company not too long ago that this is somehow a wise idea associated with, its coverage plan with the practice of sexual abuse has made a legal requirement in the red and its variants. According to The Washington PostBack to 2014, a judge ruled in favor of T-Mobile on AT&T’s use of the color plum. It is too close to Magenta, you see, AT&T had to stop using it.


And T-Mobile is not stopping there.

“…T-Mobile’s definition of red seems to have expanded beyond its original trademark,” After Noted at the time. Add to this,”rather than have a specific shade of pink, the company is now claiming that the vicinity of the color, too.”

So watch your back fans of fuchsia, plum, and even rose—T-Mobile is looking for you.

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