Super co-founder Travis Lenny reduction of AG by more than 90%

Co-founder called the car giant has sold more than 25 billion dollars of stock in the past seven weeks, more than 90% of the shares—a pace, if continued, can see that he sold out completely in the coming days. Mr. Lenny, the former chief Executive officer, is the introduction of this role by the investor in 2017.

Sales began in early shortly after, Kara, Nick and the other early investors were first allowed to sell on the open market, and continue to every day the stock market has been opened. 18, the disclosed documents show. The early investors, with Uber employees, blocked the sale of the first six months following the company’s initial public offering.

It can not accurately understand, why Mr. Rand Nick sell so much of the company he started, but he had long-harbored frustrations of the current management team and the investors threw him out, according to people familiar with the matter.

He was removed after the growth of investment is concerned about the scandal, the company of allegations of a culture of chauvinism and a Federal criminal probe into the software allegedly used to deceive the regulators. Super subsequent commitment to the transformation of its culture and said to stop the use of regulatory evasion techniques.

In Uber’s initial public offering, the current management and Board of Directors omitted Mr. Lenny from the gift of the ring to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange may start trading.

The stock fell more than 30% since the initial offering, the company sold the shares for $ 45 each to $ 30 or so. Uber the first seven months, in the public market down long-term employees and investors, particularly given that the company was for many years one of the most hyped startups in Silicon Valley.

Many investors have invested billions of Uber, which is a private company that has behaved even worse. The initial public offering price in the low$48.77 share, the level at which investors, including the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund invested in billions of dollars, from 2015 through earlier this year. The NASDAQ Composite Index, by contrast, grew more than 40% since December 2015.

The sagging of the stocks in part reflects investors ‘ broader concerns about Uber’s ability to turn a profit. The company lost 12 billion dollars last quarter alone.

Uber is trying to turn things around. It beat analysts expected revenue and earnings in the third quarter, and said it expects a positive income before other expenses, including interest and depreciation 2021—earlier than many analysts expected.

At the same time, the management issues more and more. Governments around the world has increased the variety of tax or labor restrictions super and other taxi companies. These actions, including in Uber’s home state of California, on the occasion, concern about the sector’s impact on the city congestion. The company is also facing scrutiny over its labor of the independent contractor model, where some legislators and activists say that improperly reduce the Uber of certain responsibilities to the workers.

Mr. Lenny has moved on to other pursuits.

Working out of Los Angeles, he is developing a new service called CloudKitchens, it established the commissary kitchen can be used by emerging food delivery company. The kitchen of the restaurant space for rent in industrial buildings—is Cheaper, Than restaurant storefront—that driver was driving super,DoorDash and others transfer the food to the customers.

This business has been partially funded by Cara, Nick, and by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which invested 400 million dollars to start the beginning of the year, people familiar with the investment said.

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