Store the mask requirements are not really requirements if they are not enforced

July 2, The Texas long Greg Abbott(R)issued State-wide mask requirements To mitigate the surge of coronavirus cases. According to the command, most of the Texas people will have to cover their faces when entering the building is open to the public, in the grocery store.

The next day, the managers in a Bud of farmers markets in Texas to receive a Memorandum about the new policy. When it comes to the customers refused to cover up, the task does not have the mandate to after.

“If the customer does not have a mask, we offer them one. If the customer still refuses to let them shop,”stated the July 3 memo, a copy of which has been provided to give. “We do not kick out the customer does not have a surface coverage. This is not the sprouts of the policy.”

A Bud spokesman told The Huffington Post, the company implemented strict requirements for cover of the following week, on July 11. The policy applies to the chain of 300 stores nationwide posting at the entrance the customers to see.

“The welfare of our team members, our customers, our community remains our top priority, we are constantly updating our reaction COVID-19 such as a pandemic of rapid development,”the spokesman, Diego Romero said in an e-mail.

But the chain’s initial reaction to obtain a Texas order reflects many grocery stores and retailers have been slow to take strong representative in the mask of customers. Staff Memorandum to the employees in their sprouts for the position were told the store would rather take a now to news the problem of a stubborn customer refused to wear a mask.

“I don’t think it’s OK,”the staff member, who asked to speak anonymously for fear of getting in trouble. “Customers still came, some without masks. They expect the Concierge clerk said,’You have to wear a mask.’ But who is going to listen to a person at the bottom of the totem pole?”

Staff said several customers came without masks on a shift just this week, but is still allowed to shop.

Romero noted that the Texas Order provides a waiver of the person has a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing masks, and said that the buds will not be in a position to issue this statement from a customer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other public health experts and the staff of The Advocate, has recommended that the employee and the customer are not cover in the retail setting A few months. The more we learn about the Cov, the more evidence we see, the surface covering may help Slow down its transmissionBy preventing people infected spread the disease through droplets.

But the trump card the government has refused to implement the Federal requirements, leaving the issue to state and private attempts.

They should have security at each store.Sprouts staff

Many grocery stores and retailers have been held on the request for the customer to wear them as a condition of entering the store, even if it can protect the health of workers and their families. There are many reasons that can explain why: companies are afraid to get involved in a political issue, despite the urging of experts; they don’t escalate the situation with potentially hostile customers; they don’t want to lose business to more accommodating competitors.

The Joint Food and Commercial Workers, a Union that represents 900,000 grocery store workers, has urged the chain using the mask requirements in the spring. “I’m serious,”Union President Marc Perrone, told The Huffington Post Back in April. “They did not tell customers or staff to wear masks while they are inside of these transfer points.”

Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters

A Nha staff in Texas said their store is not performed mask requirements, while the state order.

According to the Alliance, about 7 in 10 members of a recent internal survey said that their employer does not perform the mask of the task. At least 93 members of the Alliance have died of the coronavirus since March.

Only last week there was no Wal-Mart, the country’s largest entity retailers, announced that customers will be open of the door, if they don’t wear masks. Other companies like grocery stores Kroger and the Department store is now a similar statement.

However, even in some of the chain clear the mask of the mandate, the requirements of the final is still slightly more than the request. CNN report on Friday, Wal-Mart, the warehouse and other retailers that still allows maskless customers in the store, although the mask is mandatory. Walmart list of talking points, for managers endorsed by the Nha Memorandum said: if someone refuses to hide,”Let them continue to shop.”

A Nha staff in Colorado say a few weeks the customer is allowed to enter her store and shop, without a mask, despite the local Ordinance, as a mask, the requirements early in the pandemic. (Colorado did not issue a statewide task Until this month.)

“We were told the managers that we do not need to enforce the mask policy, regardless of the fact that the city I live in says we all need to wear masks in public places,”said staff, who are not named. “I was told, by management…’we’re not the police, so you don’t have to say anything about it.'”

The staff said, the new corporatewide requirements has been improved, with customers being told to do curbside pickup, if they don’t wear masks. But the implementation often falls to the cashier and receptionist, their work should not involve wrestling with belligerent customers.

She said one of the adults recently refused to pay his mask hung around his neck, said he hated wearing it. The confrontation grew tense, her no threat, and called the Manager.

The staff said, there is no security guard in her position and often the welcome is just a teenager.

“They should have security at each store,”she said. “I think they really need to reiterate to the managers, they need to be willing to stand up for their employees. I’ve seen someone accused of employees through the mask of manner, was entirely verbal abuse, did not happen, the customer.”

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